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Turning Micro Moments into Action

Turning Micro Moments into Action

How Lesara uses the Micro Moment concept to improve customer communication and content.

Robin Müller

June 23, 2017

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  1. @_RobM Turning Micro Moments into Action

  2. @_RobM

  3. Mobile has basically caused everybody to demand things now.

  4. @_RobM Micro-moments are moments of high intent and engagement 4

    82% I want to buy of smartphone users consult their phone while in a store. 66% I want to know of smartphone users turn to their smartphones to learn more about something they saw in a TV commercial. 70% I want to do Year-on-year growth on search for video tutorials on Youtube 2X I want to go Near me searches doubled year-on-year *Google data from 2014 - 2015
  5. @_RobM When to engage with consumers along the path? 5

    Consider Evaluate & Compare Purchase Post purchase
  6. @_RobM Think about hidden information 6 Times Size Occasions Price

    Range Style Frequency Order Channel Marketing Channel Payment Method Discounts
  7. All data is a product of other data! Garbage in,

    garbage out.
  8. @_RobM Clustering can help to find groups & patterns 8

    Exploring your data before creating your concept helps you to find patterns.
  9. @_RobM Target your user based on your findings 9

  10. @_RobM Combine content and communication mix 10 Recommendation Daily 10%

    Promotion 60% Recommendation 30% Information Reaction Push Measure Adapt Calculate initial content, contact mix and frequency Track user interactions on all channels
  11. @_RobM How likely is it to get a reaction as

    a retailer? 11 Campaign Transactional App Push Web Push OR: 16% - 40% CTOR: 12% - 29% UR: 0,2% - 0,5% *Smartinsights 2017, Mailchimp, Adweek, Mailjet OR: 30% - 80% CTOR: 40% - 85% UR: - Opt-In: 5% - 100% Opt-In: 100% Opt-In: 41% - 80% RR: 4% - 50% No reliable data for E-Commerce so far The OR, CTOR and RR are very different across companies, which shows even more how important it is to monitor and optimize the strategy.
  12. @_RobM Take your customers on a journey 12

  13. Micro Moments are a great tool to re-think your customer