Life Without Fragments (with Eugenio Marletti)

Life Without Fragments (with Eugenio Marletti)


What is wrong with Fragments as they are implemented right now? You hear a lot of rage around bugs, issues, and plain bad/obscure APIs. But what alternatives are out there?
Most of the time, Fragments are used as custom Views. But that’s overkill for Fragments, and it’s not what they’re meant for, either: they can do way more than that (and probably shouldn’t). The talk will run through the architectural choices that we found out helped us create great apps without getting lost in Fragment hell. Because #fragmentsmatter, but not more than… [dramatic music mounts to climax, screen fades to black. "TO BE CONTINUED" appears on screen]


Source keynote and PDF export available here:


Sebastiano Poggi

April 21, 2016