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Life Without Fragments (with Eugenio Marletti)

Life Without Fragments (with Eugenio Marletti)

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jl1HRiCaAP4

What is wrong with Fragments as they are implemented right now? You hear a lot of rage around bugs, issues, and plain bad/obscure APIs. But what alternatives are out there?
Most of the time, Fragments are used as custom Views. But that’s overkill for Fragments, and it’s not what they’re meant for, either: they can do way more than that (and probably shouldn’t). The talk will run through the architectural choices that we found out helped us create great apps without getting lost in Fragment hell. Because #fragmentsmatter, but not more than… [dramatic music mounts to climax, screen fades to black. "TO BE CONTINUED" appears on screen]


Source keynote and PDF export available here: http://bit.ly/life-without-sources

Sebastiano Poggi

April 21, 2016

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  1. Sebastiano Poggi @seebrock3r Novoda, Android GDE & Eugenio Marletti @workingkills

    Clue without life fragments
  2. * WARNING may contain traces of personal opinions and surprisingly

    little hate
  3. wrong What’s with Fragments

  4. Attila some poor guy

  5. Attila some poor guy

  6. FragmentManager YOU

  7. Fragment Manager * schizophrenia * unpredictable behaviour

  8. XML vs CODE

  9. XML vs CODE

  10. retained fragments

  11. transactions are async executePendingTransactions *

  12. state of chaos tech debt or crash: pick one *

    commitAllowingStateLoss *
  13. BUGS

  14. None
  15. None
  16. “Advocating Against Android Fragments”

  17. Nobody Fragments understands not a view, not a controller *

  18. not a view, not a controller * Balto Nobody Fragments

  19. Nobody understands Fragments Balto not a view, not a controller

    * also not a context * modular UI * lifecycle *
  20. CC BY-SA 4.0 by Steve Pomeroy

  21. CC BY-SA 4.0 by Steve Pomeroy

  22. CC BY-SA 4.0 by Steve Pomeroy

  23. they can * Google says so * all the “free”

    stuff * don’t fully understand * (mis)use Why do people still Fragments
  24. Fragments are not for: business logic * replacing views *

    persisting data *
  25. Fragments are evolving * ¯\_(ϑ)_/¯ * attach to any Context

  26. Fragments are evolving * lots of fixes and less WTFs

    * commitNow
  27. Fragments are evolving * lots of fixes and less WTFs

    * commitNow Thanks Adam! (sorry Adam)
  28. Partial alternatives pyricau/fragnums * weefbellington/screenplay * lyft/scoop * bluelinelabs/conductor *

    doridori/pilot * soundcloud/lightcycle * square/flow + /mortar * * FRAGNUMS * Screenplay * Scoop * Conductor * Pilot * LightCycle * Flow + Mortar to Fragments
  29. ? custom views * clean architecture * SOLID * core

    vs mobile * write tests * unidirectional flow? * How are we dealing without Fragments
  30. Relax, not using Fragments is OK * using Fragments is…

    also OK * be a professional * use the Support Library * pray * pray a lot * we are not your supervisor
  31. Bunch o’ Advocating Against Android Fragments * Android Forestry *

    Offline Application Architecture * Android Fragment & Activity Lifecycle * Let it flow * * goo.gl/VDMhs0 * goo.gl/GN0rmP * goo.gl/P2ROcA * goo.gl/K4nThH * goo.gl/LNije5 links
  32. A & Q (no pressure)

  33. Thank you

  34. Android Pro >> Novoda Google Developer Expert @seebrock3r Clue <<

    Android Lead loves Tequila @workingkills we’re hiring Poggi Sebastiano MARLETTI EUGENIO bit.ly/life-without-fragments