Uplift — Material shadows on Android

Uplift — Material shadows on Android

In this session, we'll cover how elevation works on Android. From an overview of the available APIs, seeing what is new in Android P, and getting to the nitty gritty of how shadows are rendered on HWUI and Skia. Lastly, we'll learn how to take advantage of the existing APIs and work within their limitations to obtain original and unique results.

This talk follows the track of existing blog article(s) on the topic: https://blog.usejournal.com/playing-with-elevation-in-android-91af4f3be596 and its two follow-ups. There is also an open source app, Uplift, which will be used to showcase the effects as we talk about them: https://github.com/rock3r/uplift

Keynote file and PDF: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/8dwfli2yn8bghjb/AACgTQtOe3SWCDz6Lrb6ZDUia?dl=0
Screen recording available here: https://youtu.be/WQa8NWEeG5Y


Sebastiano Poggi

April 23, 2019