Front-End Development in node.js

Front-End Development in node.js

Given at jQuery Conference in Portland, Oregon.

You know HTML and CSS. You know (or at least may have heard of) HAML and SASS. Introducing: Jade and Stylus!

Welcome to front-end development in node.js! As more applications are built in node, front-end devs need to make them beautiful, generally using the node front-end toolkit. But what are the tools? How do you get started? What if you've never used node before?

Join me as we use Express to spin up a simple node server and serve up a super basic index page. Then we'll use Jade and Stylus to layout and style it. Finally, we'll all chuckle about how easy it was and begin scheming about what we'll do next!

Sample code can be found here:


Raquel Vélez

June 14, 2013