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The iPhone Repair Guide by iPhone Repair Malaysia

The iPhone Repair Guide by iPhone Repair Malaysia

Deciding to fix your iPhone yourself is a tough decision. You know that iPhone repair in Malaysia or anywhere is not easy, as people think. That is why; people never try to mess it up, as it will always end up with a useless effort and ultimately amplify the problem. What you need is to talk experts that are 24/7 available for assistance and those having a variety of comprehensive knowledge regarding this device!

There are some issues externally, like in the software that one can handle own. For the internal, hardware problems, it requires not only massive knowledge, but practice and different tools to tackle the problem. So, most of the surveys and researches recommend that if your iPhone is encountering a problem, just visit the nearest iPhone center or best dealer alternative.


Rolph Reece

January 20, 2020


  1. THE iPHONE REPAIR MALAYSIA (A Guide by Experts About

    iPhone Repair)
  2. 1- iPhone Repair Malaysia: Deciding to fix your iPhone

    yourself is a tough decision. You know that iPhone repair in Malaysia or anywhere is not easy, as people think. That is why; people never try to mess it up, as it will always end up with a useless effort and ultimately amplify the problem. What you need is to talk experts that are 24/7 available for assistance and those having a variety of comprehensive knowledge regarding this device! There are some issues externally, like in the software that one can handle own. For the internal, hardware problems, it requires not only massive knowledge, but practice and different tools to tackle the problem. So, most of the surveys and researches recommend that if your iPhone is encountering a problem, just visit the nearest iPhone center or best dealer alternative. In Malaysia, The iPhone Repair is one of the top-notch companies and best dealer alternative in the town, that will help your phone get repaired and enjoys the same performance likewise. Fixing your own iPhone isn't impossible and, in most cases, people throw the phone just because they connect with unprofessional and unreliable repairing labs. Ultimately, it leads to the destruction of iPhone performance and they will never gain the same quality features. For that, it is understood to connect and visit the best dealer in Malaysia, having deep knowledge regarding iPhone repairing.
  3. Those who think by fixing their iPhone personally will

    save them a lot of money – they are at false. Apple has not been modest in showcasing its newest innovations whether to be hardware or software. The newest update with their entire distinct iPhone, iPod, and iPad devices is well known and its hardware is more complex in its Pro model 2019! So, what’s the deal of fixing it by yourself? Can you? If you think about it, then please think again. What else we have is to connect with the company that has years of experience and empowering customer’s iPhone with the next step ahead solutions. Being a fan of the iPhone, I have been using it and found some problems due to accidents and misuse. There is one serious dealer alternative available in Malaysia, that strongly help me always to get back the phone to performance. Well, I am just writing that why the company is providing the next step ahead solution and you can even visit their labs, find them competitive and safely hand over your iPhone. Phone Repair is an art, while an artist can do it better! They have modern labs: The iPhone Repair has modern labs equipped with necessary tools and modern accessories that will improve the efficiency of the work. I really enjoy the claim and warranty that make me feel more confident that my phone is in safe hands. What’s better than getting a quality phone repair within your state? Of course, when you get the phone open, the treatment of old battery and inserting the iPhone replacement battery is often a cinch. I had been facing the battery issue along with water damage. Nothing is different in regards to the way the batteries enter phones. If you had used your phone for quite a while and therefore are worried that your battery's days could possibly be numbered, keep in mind the batteries from the manufacturer often last
  4. about one and a half years. I got the

    best aftermarket battery and product right from the phone repairing service by The iPhone Repair! I am really glad to hear that a patent, reliable and trusted company is now on the floor in Malaysia, helping many iPhone users to restore their branded device. You just need to visit their store, book your appointment online or just walk in there. Glad to find their expert team that welcomes the staff and makes you feel satisfied. At the end of the day, you will love your phone once again! 2- iPhone Screen Repair: iPhone is well famous for its attractive, bright and colorful display! It has millions of colors and especially when it comes to the latest model iPhone, it will blow the mind. You can’t even imagine using the phone with a malfunction or broken display and that’s why, The iPhone Repair brings quality iPhone screen repair service in Malaysia! In this article, we are interested to provide the top 5 reviews about iPhone repairing service, powered by major clients. Top 5 Cleints Reviews About The iPhone Repair Malaysia Review # 1: Well, I have never written a single line for any company but when The iPhone Repair has saved a lot of money, I am forced and compelled to review them. My iPhone x has a screen problem and it been a mess to find out a reliable and competent company, assuring that the screen is replaced at its best. The iPhone screen replacement has an issue; company’s use bad quality display units and this will lower down the resultant performance. This thing is well managed by the professionals of The iPhone Repair and they use the best aftermarket screen, closely related display performance like a genuine one. I was just thinking to throw the phone and now, I really enjoy using it once again. Thanks, guys, for saving my iPhone
  5. and saving my massive cost. You are really a

    perfect place to bring mobile and electronic devices for a quality repair. Review # 2: Are you looking for an iPhone screen replacement service in Malaysia? In this review, my personal recommendation is to visit The iPhone Repair labs in the town and consult the problem with them. Before you throw out the expensive phone out of the window, I strongly recommend booking an appoint and visit the place. I had no way to resolve the mobile and planning to change the display unit- Thanks to this company as they have safeguarded my mobile screen and money too. They have done extensive iPhone screen repair and provide quality repairing, restoring the iPhone back to the original performance. Review # 3: After two weeks, I just found a way to enhance the performance of my screen, as someone has installed a false, low-quality display unit. The iPhone Repair is one of the top-notch companies in the market proudly offering general people with perfect and result oriented repairing service, either it's regarding the screen replacement and screen repair or even the motherboard. I am really thankful to this company on providing me an impeccable repairing service. Bring your phones there and leave the lace right after first quality repairing. Review # 4: I can proudly claim that there is no one better iPhone repair dealer alternative in the market than The iPhone Repair. The company is offering a large range of repairing services, laptop, iPad and all mobile devices. I recently visited their brand’s shop for the iPhone screen replacement while no one can judge now; my iPhone has an aftermarket screen. This company uses top quality products that are close to the genuine one, cost-effective and their repairing finish is at the finest way. No one can find your iPhone has recently got into a repaired. Review#5: The iPhone repairing is not an easy task. There are a lot of companies in the market that claim to be the best alternative dealers but frankly speaking, I just find them nowhere. The iPhone Repair is the only company where I find quality repairing, transparent service in a cost-effective price. The purpose to share the review is just to enlighten customers that their iPhone is in safe and reliable hands. There are a lot of dealer alternatives available but The iPhone Repair leads every company in quality solutions. You just visit, book an appointment, hand over the phone and start enjoying the same performance as before!
  6. 3- iPhone Battery Replacement or iPhone Not Charging You

    plugged in your iPhone but it doesn’t seem to be charging. Well, it clearly directs that your iPhone is having a problem regarding charging jack, base or IC. Obviously, you can’t spend a day if the phone is not charging. So confused that iPhone not charging? No worries! You just try to change the cable or the power adapter at the first hand, might fix the problem.
  7. Sometimes, your mobile phone is perfect but the accessory

    is mismatched. That’s why the place where you can experiment with different cables and charging adapters. Components regarding iPhone charging There are four components to your iPhone charging unit: the USB cable, the power adapter, the IC problem or the charging jack. These four components are collectively assured perfect charging. If your iPhone charges with one cable, and don’t with the other, then it means you need to change the cable. Make sure that your new cable perfectly connects with the mobile phone. The simple solution to this problem using the Apple-certified accessories that not only enhance the battery life, but improve the charging time. Check the iPhone Charging Port One of the primary reasons that your iPhone is not charging is because the port if not properly working now! The port might be clogged because of external dust, damaged due to water and iPhone not charging! What to do now? Well, this can be fixed easily with a quick port replacement. It’s time to go for iPhone battery replacement Sometimes, the port is in working condition but the device is not charging. Your accessories are authorized with Apple store but still, there is no efficient response. What’s the mean resultant of these factors? These indicate that your mobile battery is out of order, you need to fix it. Obviously, it’s a mess and even no one will agree for a repair of battery – please go for iPhone battery replacement as quickly as possible! The battery replacement has several other issues. It will enhance the battery health because the new battery is installed, along with powerful battery timing. The things would
  8. be worse if you failed to replace the battery

    with a good one. The iPhone Repair in Malaysia is one of the authorized dealer alternative, where you guys can find quality aftermarket repairing services. They not only charge you less, but replace the iPhone battery with the best available. Start enjoying the same battery performance and give your phone a new backbone, right after a quality battery replacement service. This blog clearly narrates that if your iPhone charging unit is out of order, try to replace the battery or just go with other options. These are some instant solutions available in the market because no one can use the iPhone a single day with a battery/charging issue. Why we suggest that The iPhone Repair is one stop and must-visit repair lab in case of malfunctions – Here are 3 top reasons: Your iPhone not charging and this is a mess. This company stands by you in a critical situation and makes sure that your product  They have all the necessary tools available under one roof that will empower the iPhone quickly with the missing accessory and assure your iPhone will be back on performance soon. Either you visited for iPhone battery replacement because your iPhone not charging, or just visited for a simple charging jack replacement, they have every accessory available in their lab!  Their professionals have years of experience, expertise and in-depth knowledge, that can convert any malfunctioned device to a competent and compact one!  The company prefers to use best aftermarket parts and accessories. Moreover, you can either walk-in directly or book their service - they will be at your support with a welcoming nature.
  9. 4- iPhone Water Damage Your iPhone is water damaged,

    Relax! We can fix it for you Have you recently dropped an iPhone or another mobile in the water? Well, that happens often and you don’t need to panic! This might seem like a nightmare. If you act smartly, then the things will be systematic, organized and you can save your iPhone from dangerous loss. The iPhone water damage is a common fault is the phone that is only concerned due to unartful use of the phone. The latest generations of apple devices are water-resistant but still, they can withstand with a certain degree of water contamination!
  10. Safeguard your iPhone from any water damage: Safeguard your

    iPhone from any water damage repair is a big challenge. Most of the iPhone users are having a perfect safe cover over the mobile device that will fully surround the iPhone and safeguard it from any external environment. The new iPhones might be smart and highly intellectual machines but still, they need mechanical efforts to stay protected from water damage repair. Most of the people living around Malaysia are using the iPhone special lifeguard cases that will pack their phone. These accessories are more common during the rainy season and it’s highly recommended that your iPhone must be wrapped inside these cases. Is water damage worse of all? Yes, on a serious note, this type of repair is worst of all. Because when a device is contaminated with water, no one can easily guess its after-effects. The water can damage the screen, battery charging and even your entire motherboard. This could be worse of all, as one can lose the most expensive iPhone with a single dip of water. The iPhone Repair is a company available in Malaysia where you can bring water damaged iPhones and they have the experience to fix them. Before you bring the faulty device, there are some precautions to follow right after you found your iPhone is now water damage:  You must switch off the device instantly after water damage. It clearly specifies that your device will no longer pass the energy within the circuits and the chances of short circuits within IC’s are comparatively low. So whenever your iPhone is water damaged, switch it off on the first hand!
  11.  You can place it under the sunshine so

    the water drops become dry. Trying out a hot air gun can be a good option too. The purpose is to kick off small particles out of the phone and make sure your iPhone is not too wet now.  The last, but the most important is to find out a reliable company helping you in fixing with water damage repair within the state. Quickly move on to the lab, discuss the nature of water damage and let them handle the rest. The experts will find an instant solution to dry your phone board, screen and parts from water and make it a flawless device once again. As soon as your iPhone is water damaged, it never means that your device must get into a problem, or it's compulsory that you need to repair your motherboard now. Sometimes, the water fails to damage the circuits and you just have some minor issues ranging from charging jack problem to mic issues. For this detection, it is necessary that the company offering iPhone water damage repair must provide transparent reporting and charge for the service only. So next time, whenever it happens, you need to quickly rush at The iPhone Repair. Discuss your issues and problems while let them generate their own reports. You will definitely find their services up to the mark, competent and highly professional. Start enjoying your iPhone best performance once again!
  12. 5- MacBook Repair Malaysia How to Prevent MacBook and

    Laptop Repair in Malaysia? MacBook is one of the most intelligent machines available in the market. It is compact in terms of quality, display, performance, design, and functions. Well, the most popular among Apple products is their security. Well, whenever you are looking for MacBook Repair in Malaysia, it’s important to keep your data safe and if possible, make a back for it! MacBook is the maximum fashionable, out of the entire variety of apple products. Commonly, MacBook is a problem-free product that has a performance life of years. For the fortunate ones, it goes on and on for years, without giving any form of hassle. However, sometimes, it faces issues whilst their MacBook refuses to complete the rebooting or other errors might encounter! Always make a back-up before MacBook Repair: Before you even begin to find the answer that why your MacBook is not working properly, it is important to maintain your data and safeguard it. One best method is to upload at the google drive, or the iCloud Storage, so you can retrieve it and access it anytime from any device!
  13. There could be any type of problem in your

    MacBook, regarding the boot error, the hardware, or even its operating system. This is one of the most sensible precautions to follow before you set Laptop Repair in Malaysia! We highly recommend that you have purchased a version of the iCloud drive. Get an antivirus Most of the time, the problem arrives within the software or the laptop operating system is just because we have low-quality antivirus or we forget to install it. Well, this is not fair as the anti-virus is one definite way to bring security to the Mac OS. It can help you in securing the third-party downloads, that can add an immediate threat to the operating system of your MacBook and you will need MacBook Repair in Malaysia!
  14. Shutting down the computer: In case you have already

    got an addiction of making returned-ups, or switching off the laptop directly, then this is not a good approach. You can damage the circuits, the operating system, the boot log or another motherboard issue. While if you switch off the device with the proper system, then there is no need to visit the MacBook Repair company in Malaysia for years. The device will be secure and there is no error encountered within the device! Disk Clean-up Disk Clean-up is one of the old and prime methods that can boost the performance and prevent your laptop for the repair. This includes software, cleaning the disk and removing out the malfunctions within the drive. This must be done within a month in order to clean up the disk and make sure that your device will be refresh once again.
  15. Stay away from Heat Make sure the your laptop

    is away from heat and warm palaces while you are operating, This also means that your laptop fans will be working properly, so it throws out the additional warm heat outside of the laptop, Otherwise, you will definitely find the laptop is overheating and this could be fatal. The results could be as dangerous as you lost the processor or the motherboard! What’s next if your Laptop needs repair? Commonly our first priority after our laptop is out of order getting and finding a reliable company! If you are visiting accompany for the MacBook repair Malaysia, then first make sure the trusted brand is using the genuine or best aftermarket products or not. If it fails to deliver, what you expect, no need to hand over the device. The iPhone Repair in Malaysia is one top company that prefers to use first quality, high rated and best aftermarket products, helping the owners to restore their MacBook original performance. So why you are living with a faulty or malfunctioned device? Connect with The iPhone Repair and we bring your device, back to performance once again!
  16. 6- iPhone Camera Repair Save your iPhone Camera with

    quality iPhone Repair services! It isn't any secret that iPhones are one of the most famous mobile gadgets nowadays. Many people cannot imagine spending an afternoon without their iPhone, or the weekends without some adorable pictures or selfies. But iPhone damage is a completely unusual occurrence and most of the times; it affects the camera or the charging dock. So, what’s apart rather finding iPhone Camera Repair? Nowadays, many mobile repair groups and companies are offering their services on the purchaser's doorstep and make sure they repair the iPhone Camera within a day. A Delay May be Fatal: Nowadays, it is easy to call an iPhone repair expert to your own home, administrative center or every other region. But it never guaranteed the quality of the repairing. If your iPhone Camera requires a repair within Malaysia, then you can’t delay. If you thing to use the phone without the camera repair, or with a broken camera, then it’s a mess in two ways:  Firstly, you will face some insult and bad feeling when can’t operate a camera in groups or get together.
  17.  Secondly, your damaged camera might create a problem

    within the iPhone, expected ones So, there should be no delay, if you are looking for iPhone Camera Repair within Malaysia. You need to save your iPhone Camera with quality iPhone Repair services! The problem arises ‘how to choose the best company offering iPhone repair services? Companies offering doorstep repair are safe or not? These days, it is easy to call an iPhone repair expert to your property, place of work or even at the home! This is one of the most efficient and convenient approaches to help people get their iPhone repaired. Frankly, speaking, this will never guarantee you the reliability. Can you imagine a van create a better environment than a workshop or a lab? No one can do work or repair better than a lab! Nowadays, more humans pick to call an expert over rather than going to the professionals themselves. There might be some booking problems or you have to make an appointment, if requires to meet iPhone repairing experts in Malaysia. Thanks to The iPhone Repair company, we they have extensive knowledge in repairing, plus you can visit their lab without any appointments. The other point of iPhone repair at your step is that you won't need to move over to an actual shop. As opposed to going to the shop, you may in reality call and ask the restore
  18. expert to come to you. This never fills the

    trust factor and that’s why, the highly reputed companies prefer that customers come to their labs, as having all the tools there. Moreover, they can fix it with the assistance of an expert team, checking the problem and recommending all solutions. O if you really want an iPhone camera repair service, you must consider moving to the repairing center, rater calling out some unknown at the doorstep and handing over precious device! Benefits of visiting iPhone Repair Company: Aside from the hardware, you could additionally ask for iOS debugging, evaluation and updates. This could help to fix any software program associated problems, in addition, to enhance overall performance and boom the speed of your phone’s processor. This will only be possible once you are at their doorstep, rather they visit you. The iPhone Repair Company in Malaysia offers a quick appointment system and entertain the walk-in customers, visiting for iPhone camera repair, hardware issues or even the charging dock. No client is big or small for the company, as they are just concerned to deliver first quality iPhone repairing service! The Experienced specialists have the right toolkits in their labs and will never disappoint you ever. Bring your faulty iPhones and don’t leave the place, until fully satisfied.
  19. 7- iPhone Sound Repair Distorted sound? Call iPhone Sound

    or Speaker Repair company directly! It’s been very easy to repair to recognize that either your iPhone sound car or the speakers need a repair. Well, this can be predicted easily when your speakers throw distorted and vibration-filled music. You find the voice bouncing and of so, it’s the time to find iPhone Sound Repair services in Malaysia. Before we jump into the details that why the iPhone Sound or speakers need repair, here are some checklist that you must need to follow to assure the qualities of the companies:  Does the corporation have a physical place listed on their site? Most iPad and iPhone restore agencies inspire clients to ship their merchandise via the mail, so it is continually clever to legitimize their location. Stay away from the frauds and visit a legitimate iPhone Repair company in Malaysia.
  20.  How long has the employer been in enterprise?

    Apple's generation has been around since the 90's, so it is crucial to see the experience of the persons/staff working there!  Does the contact form connect you at once to a real individual? It could be possible there are some bogus and fake companies just collecting the data via the form. It is very crucial to check the authenticity of the company.  There are some feedbacks available and testimonials of the clients listed on their social media or website. Call them and inquire about their reliability. Call the iPhone Sound Repair Company directly! So finally, you have analyzed that you need iPhone speaker repair and there is no rescue for it. Most of the experts believe that a sound card might need to fix as soon as possible, otherwise, it can create more problems. On the other hand, you will find there are some votes to use the iPhone with a problematic sound car, as it will never damage other parts. If you are a high-quality iPhone end-user, then please don’t delay a single day and call the iPhone Sound Repair Company directly! Once you found a reliable company over the internet, please read the above checklist to verify the quality of the company, and check their authentication. It is highly recommended to call the company directly, ask the location and visit the place. As this could be time
  21. taking, but ultimately, your iPhone sound repair will be

    done under expert supervision, and trained staff. This results in a long term solution, while if the problem encounters again, you can visit the store once again with the complaint. Remember Check Warranty Those who want to enjoy the check warranty on their iPhone speaker repair, battery replacement, charging port replacement or any other type of iPhone Repair, must-visit The iPhone Repair in Malaysia. This company is the best dealer alternative and rest assure you find the best environment and quality service. Moreover, enjoy check warranty on speaker repair! For their satisfaction, a team is available to check the sound system is working perfectly once again or not. Furthermore, you can call them directly and take their number from the website. Feel free to discuss the issue and get a price quote for the repair. Visit the place and handover the iPhone. They not only keep it with care, but take your valuable iPhone as their personal property. So, remember the feature of the check warranty, as this will help you to find the best iPhone repair specialists. This blog will recommend you to visit The iPhone Repair Company and believe that, they won't break your trust. Stay there, and let them repair your faulty phone. If it needs to replace any sound part, get it replaced with the best aftermarket
  22. one, close to the genuine performance. No one can

    tell or guess that your iPhone sound card or speaker is replaced, or repaired. 8- iPhone Motherboard Repair Can Anyone Repair small parts of the iPhone and Samsung motherboard? The motherboard on your phone is damaged! There is no alternative way, either to repair or, or replace the motherboard. There are some tiny parts, IC’s and other circuits embedded over iPhone and Samsung motherboard. These are highly complex and that’s; why, everyone can’t handle a quality Samsung or iPhone Mother Board Repair in Malaysia! Most of primarily based cell phone repair brands, centers and shops do not restoration broken motherboards, due to the fact they have no resources, in terms of the labor force and the labs too! Relax, this never means you can’t expect the finest quality iPhone or Samsung motherboard repair in Malaysia! There is a company having all tools, labs, and accessories to claim all types of motherboard repair services. The iPhone Repair is a brand name in the market, helping thousands of people with their motherboard repair while assuring the long life of their devices once again.
  23. Does every type of motherboard is repairable? Frankly speaking,

    no! There are certain types of motherboards that no one can repair. It is because the circuits are not passing the electricity and the motherboard is dead now. The companies can try to retrieve it, but that is not a long-term solution. Your phone might be restored again, but there is no guarantee about its life. Moreover, in such critical situations, there are some other issues might encounter within the iPhone motherboard – so repairing in such sense might be costly and highly expensive. That’s why, the modern and reliable companies refuse iPhone motherboard repair as they cannot provide the guarantee. The iPhone Repair is a reliable brand and they can even fix the motherboard with the above-mentioned condition. Moreover, you find their advisors helping you understand this type of repair is costly and there is no guaranteed solution. So rather you invest time & resources over this motherboard, we will replace it with a close related price difference. On this path, the owners enjoy a new motherboard and check warranty, while the iPhone or Samsung will not face any further motherboard issue. A cracked iPhone screen or water-damaged battery is frequently a whole lot less difficult to restore than an issue relating to the motherboard. But, when it comes to iPhone or Samsung Motherboard Repairing, you can’t imagine its difficulty, complexity, and other critical problems. For those who want to read more about the motherboard system keep on reading!
  24. What is a motherboard? Motherboard or the logic board

    is the main brain of the device. It feels like an alien spaceship however it’s, in reality, the part of your phone that carries all of the maximum essential components, and transfer the information, orders and electricity from one part of the phone to another. Most people compare it with the brain of the device! The main power of your smartphone is determined to right here. Simply as your mind seems complicated, so too does the motherboard. When you deconstruct the whole thing, you find every and each issue has a completely specific characteristic. That is why, most the companies refuse to accept motherboard repair because of its complex like a human brain. The iPhone Repair is still an option that you can visit with your faulty motherboards and they will see how they can help you. But believe that, you will never get wrong, false and incomplete information from his company. Rather they guide you the facts long term benefits and compare either you should go for motherboard replacement or motherboard repair. Trust them, they are reliable and never play with your iPhone, Samsung or any other expensive device. Let them repair or replace your motherboard, so you enjoy the top and permanent solutions every time.
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