What Pokemon Go and Smart Kitchens Taught Us About Design

E1c7f93b7994c8a5b673c59b9e8fc7a7?s=47 Ron Edelen
October 06, 2016

What Pokemon Go and Smart Kitchens Taught Us About Design

A presentation given at FITC Web Unleashed in Toronto Canada for designers and front-end developers that explores current web development trends. Special attention given to practices in Augmented Reality, Internet-of-things, Virtual Reality and other advanced platforms. This presentation is suggestive to new human behaviors around current and future immersion with technology by highlighting real-world projects executed at Untold (www.untold-digital.com), a creative technology and studio production company. It also challenges attendee to ask "what if" and takes them on a journey of what a fully integration smart kitchen experience might feel like, drawing some moral and ethical questions spawned by the convenience of technology in everyday life. Sponsored by CodePinch (www.codepinch.io), developers gain insight into the possible future of web development careers.


Ron Edelen

October 06, 2016