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[#GameUpAfrica] Why adding Firebase to your Game is a pro gamer move

[#GameUpAfrica] Why adding Firebase to your Game is a pro gamer move

Creating a videogame can be quite a complex task: more than developing the game's logic, you might want to give your players the ability to synchronize their high score across multiple devices, check their friend's scores and maybe even get some cool seasonal bonuses/power-ups.

In this 45min talk, Rosário will be giving an overview of the Firebase tools which are available for game developers and some of the best use cases for them.

Expect to come out of the session with some knowledge about: Admob, Analytics, Authentication, Cloud Firestore, Cloud Storage and other Firebase tools.


Rosário Pereira Fernandes

October 15, 2021


  1. Rosário P. Fernandes Firebase GDE @_rpfernandes Why adding Firebase to

    your game is a pro gamer move
  2. Player 1 Profile • From Mozambique 󰐑 • Android Developer

    • Community Lead • Loves Open Source and video games ❤
  3. I am going to do what is called a pro

    gamer move
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  7. Firebase Authentication Identity solution to your app for easy player

    authentication, sign-in, and onboarding.
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  9. Cloud Firestore for Firebase Store game data in the cloud,

    sync data across online and offline devices, and retrieve it with expressive queries.
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  11. Firebase Realtime Database Store and sync JSON data between your

    players in near-realtime, on or offline.
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  13. Cloud Storage for Firebase Store and serve player-generated content such

    as images, videos or other file types.
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  15. Firebase Remote Config Set up feature flags during prototyping and

    development so you can control and optimize the player experience.
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  17. Cloud Functions for Firebase Write and run game logic server-side

    without needing to set up your own server.
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  19. Google Analytics Monitor player acquisition and feature adoption metrics as

    you launch your game.
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  23. Firebase Crashlytics Track, prioritize and fix stability issues that erode

    game quality.
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  28. Cloud Messaging for Firebase Send targeted, automated, and customized push

    notifications across platforms to re-engage players.
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  31. Google AdMob Mobile advertising platform that you can use to

    generate revenue from your game.
  32. Rosário P. Fernandes Firebase GDE @_rpfernandes Thank You!

  33. Q&A time! =D