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Sustainably Produced Rum Flor de Caña

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February 04, 2021

Sustainably Produced Rum Flor de Caña



February 04, 2021


  1. 1 Sustainably Produced Rum A 130-Year Family Story

  2. Alfredo Francisco Pellas 1850-1912 The Founder

  3. Nicaragua California New Orleans New York Duration: 35 days Flor

    de Caña & The Gold Rush
  4. The story of Flor de Caña begins… 1890

  5. 5th Generation Single Family Estate • Dedication to Family Unity

    & Values • Commitment to Excellence • Innovation • Sustainable Development & Growth Core Values:
  6. But getting here wasn’t easy… • Earthquakes • Fires •

    Volcanic Eruptions • Plane Crash • Revolutions • Civil War • Confiscations • Hyper Inflation • Hurricanes
  7. Only 3 in 10,000 make it to the 5th Generation!

  8. Naturally Aged without Artificial Ingredients

  9. Our distillery is located only 5 miles away from Nicaragua’s

    most active volcano…

  11. SOIL fertilized by volcanic ash. Mineral-rich WATER. Hot volcanic CLIMATE.

    + + = Exceptionally Smooth Rum
  12. Our Rums Have No Artificial Ingredients

  13. Top Quality Credentials

  14. Aged up to 30 years Portfolio of Premium Rums

  15. World’s Best Rum Distillery Among the Finest Products in the

    World AWARDS 2017 Best New Rum of the Year #1 Rum on the Planet International Rum Conference
  16. IWSC Award Ceremony Video

  17. None
  18. Sustainably Produced From Field to Bottle

  19. 19 Environment

  20. Distilled 100% with Renewable Energy 10+ Years

  21. 50,000 Trees Planted Annually since 2005 (700,000 trees in 14

  22. 22 All CO2 emissions during fermentation are captured & recycled.

    Equivalent to removing 1,000 cars from circulation for one year.
  23. NEUTRAL RUM Flor de Caña offsets all carbon emissions during

    its entire lifecycle, from field to market.
  24. 24 Employees

  25. We Grow Together! Free Education Program (Company School since 1913)

    Free Medical Services (Company Hospital Since 1958) Nearly 600 enrolled More than 7,100 surgeries
  26. 26 Community

  27. #1 donor of APROQUEN since its foundation in 1991, providing

    600K+ free medical services to child burn victims and with cleft lip.
  28. Founded in 1992 by Alfredo and Theresita Pellas. American Nicaraguan

    Foundation Non-profit organization 501(c)(3) registered in the U.S. Helping alleviate poverty in Nicaragua through programs aimed at delivering classrooms, housing, food, community water wells and more.
  29. Raw Materials Sustainably Sourced Fermentation All CO 2 Recycled Distilled

    with Renewable Energy Naturally Aged Without Sugar Worker Health & Safety Food Safety Fair Trade Certified Committed to Sustainability Environmental Mgmt. KOSHER Great Place to Work Carbon Neutral Certified
  30. 30 We’re produced in compliance with 300+ rigorous labor, social

    and environmental standards. One of the first global spirits to be Fair Trade CertifiedTM
  31. With every purchase of Fair Trade CertifiedTM Flor de Caña,

    workers earn an additional premium to invest in community projects of their choosing. • health clinics • schools • scholarship funds • environmental projects • housing projects Community Impacting the
  32. Our Commitment to Sustainability

  33. Winner of the prestigious Sustainability Award “Only global spirit to

    hold the world’s two top sustainability certifications: Carbon Neutral & Fair Trade.” The highest distinction given at the 2020 Green Awards in recognition of the brand’s leadership within the industry in sustainable practices.
  34. The Making of Flor de Caña Rums

  35. Fermentation Molasses Volcano-Enriched Bottling The Production Process Distillation With 100%

    Renewable Energy Naturally Aged Without sugar
  36. Flor de Caña Rum Whisky Vodka Beer Wine Calorie Content

    Kcal / unit 60 61 61 150-250 150-220 Source: CENSOL INC, Comprehensive Environmental Solutions, Milton Ontario, Canada. www.censol.ca & www.drinkaware.co.uk Similar quantities of calories as whisky or vodka 70% less than beer and wine
  37. We’re 100% Natural with Zero Sugar Content Verified By: Under

    Armour & MyFitnessPal Health Website
  38. Global Footprint

  39. #1 Exported Brand of Nicaragua Fastest Growing Premium Rum In

    the Americas Most eco-friendly rum on the planet. Among Top 5 Premium Rums Worldwide Present in 70+ countries
  40. Official Rum Partner of:

  41. What makes Flor de Caña unique?

  42. 4 Brand Pillars Top Quality Credentials Sustainably Produced Field to

    Bottle Naturally Aged without Artificial Ingredients 5th Generation Family Rum
  43. Flor de Caña Anthem Video

  44. 5 Senses Tasting Protocol

  45. Flor de Caña 12 Year Rum A 12 year old

    ultra-premium rum, full bodied. Color: Reddish Amber. Aroma: Red fruits, honey and toasted nuts. Palate: Wood, vanilla and baked apples, with a smooth and well-balanced finish. Best enjoyed in an Old Fashioned or with a splash of premium sparkling water or ginger ale and an orange twist.
  46. Flor de Caña 18 Year Rum An 18 year old

    ultra-premium rum, full bodied. Color: Billiant Amber. Aroma: Notes of nuts and caramel. Palate: Intense vanilla and spices, with a long and extra smooth finish. Best enjoyed neat or on the rocks, with a peel of orange.
  47. Flor de Caña 25 Year Rum A 25 year old

    ultra-premium rum, full bodied. Color: Dark Amber. Aroma: Notes of vanilla, wood and dark cocoa. Palate: Fruity notes of almond and nuts, with a full and long finish that lingers in the palate. Best enjoyed neat or on a rock, and paired with a 70% cocoa chocolate.
  48. Cheers!