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How to create your first Yeoman Generator

Ruy Adorno
February 10, 2015

How to create your first Yeoman Generator

These slides were followed by a live-coding session, you can find the code for this session here, each step of the workshop is separated into a commit on the repo, so that it's easier for people to reproduce it again: https://github.com/ruyadorno/generator-jsmontreal

Presented 10 February 2015 at the js-montreal meetup

Ruy Adorno

February 10, 2015

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  1. How to create your first Yeoman Generator Ruy Adorno |

  2. What is Yeoman? • A scaffolding tool • A project

    to provide developers an improved tooling workflow • A platform with hundreds of recipes • An open-source initiative
  3. Awesome maintainers • Addy Osmani • Sindre Sorhus • Pascal

    Hartig • Stephen Sawchuk • Brian Ford • Eddie Monge • Paul Irish • Hemanth.HM • Revath S Kumar • Jimmy Moon • Frederick Ros • Mickael Daniel • Eric Bidelman • Matija Marohnić • Kevin Mårtensson Simon Boudrias
  4. What are Generators? • Scaffolding recipes • Customizable • Composable

    • Independent open-source projects
  5. Understanding the tools • Command-line tool • npm install -g

    yo • Executes a generator
  6. • Generators • npm install -g generator-webapp • npm install

    -g generator-angular • npm install -g generator-... Understanding the tools
  7. Understanding the tools • Most of the available generators comes

    with a selection of great tooling and best practices for web development
  8. Let’s build a Generator • You can find the live-coding

    generator on GitHub: https://github.com/ruyadorno/generator-jsmontreal
  9. Lessons learned • Having private generators for your internal projects

    is an amazing idea • Be careful with features you add to your generators
  10. Merci! @ruyadorno http://ruyadorno.com