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So you’re a Staff+… now what?

So you’re a Staff+… now what?

This talk covers how to define your development journey as a Senior IC, figuring out what you should be working on, how to set your goals, and keep track of your progress.

Sabrina Leandro

September 16, 2021

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  1. September 2021 Sabrina Leandro @saleandro Now you’re a Staff+ engineer…

    You’re not working on an individual team anymore What are my goals? 🤔 You’re not part of daily team rituals How do I know what’s going on? 🤔 Your work is more than coding What else should I be doing?! 🤔 What’s changed?
  2. September 2021 StaffPlus Live Sabrina Leandro @saleandro High impact work

    Where do I find this “high impact work” backlog? 🤔
  3. September 2021 StaffPlus Live Sabrina Leandro @saleandro List all inputs

    Business and product strategies Teams needs Engineering Org needs Personal growth
  4. September 2021 StaffPlus Live Sabrina Leandro @saleandro Prioritize inputs Riskiest

    areas or projects Personal growth goals Company needs
  5. September 2021 StaffPlus Live Sabrina Leandro @saleandro Publish it What

    I share: • My goals • How will I work with teams? • How do I plan to deliver on my goals? • What does it mean in practice?
  6. September 2021 Sabrina Leandro @saleandro If When things change Ask

    yourself • Context missing? ◦ Re-prioritize • Can it be delegated? • If not, say no not now ◦ Good input for next goal setting period
  7. September 2021 Sabrina Leandro @saleandro Beyond goal setting Focus •

    Helpful saying no or reprioritizing • Not get distracted by urgent non- important tasks Growth • Self-assessment and performance reviews Onboarding • Introducing your role to new hires/new teams
  8. September 2021 Sabrina Leandro @saleandro Summary Create your backlog Prioritize

    & trim it down Get feedback Break it down Track progress Repeat! Setting personal goals as a Staff+ engineer