Accelerate Application Development Through GitOps

Accelerate Application Development Through GitOps

Building up on the DevOps practices, GitOps allows teams to make rapid changes to their application and infrastructure ecosystem. Salman will be sharing practices being used in order to move towards an environment where seamless changes to production ecosystem can be made from creating a pull request in Git. The talk will end with a demo of GitOps in action.


Salman Iqbal

July 30, 2018


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    Who am I? • Lead Developer at JLT, Bristol •

    C#, Web, Python • Cloud Native Wales • Containers, k8s, Machine Learning
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    GitOps Principles • Declarative provisioning • Entire system in single

    Git repo • Operational changes => Pull Requests • Alert on divergence
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    “Kubernetes is an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and

    management of containerised applications.” -
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    • Talk – GitOps: Operation By Pull Request •

    Weaveworks Blog: • GitOps Demo by Stefan Prodan (Repo) • GitOps pipeline demo Want More?
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    • State of kubernetes on Windows? If you would like

    to read about Windows server containers on kubernetes, please see this: If you would like to run a Windows service in current Kubernetes version, please see this blog which takes you through deployment of C# Api in Kubernetes: • How does Kubernetes help with stateful apps (databases)? People generally say no to running databases in Production. The outlook for stateful apps is getting better in kubernetes. Take a look at PersistentVolumes in Kubernetes: Also take a look at this blog by couchbase: • Should I run databases in docker? Yes, take a look at this: SQL docker images are available in docker hub • How does Netlify compare to other cloud providers? Netlify is great at static website hosting, if you would like further integration to your website such as database, authentication etc then aws/gcp/azure would provide more options. Questions
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    Pod Pod kubelet proxy Node Pod Pod kubelet proxy Node

    Node Pool Master Scheduler Controller etcd Api