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Elasticsearch 2 Security - Beyond Basic Authentication

Hendrik Saly
November 19, 2015

Elasticsearch 2 Security - Beyond Basic Authentication

Covers PKI and Kerberos/SPNEGO authentication with Shield 2 for Elasticsearch 2.

Hendrik Saly

November 19, 2015

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  1. Elasticsearch 2 Security - Beyond Basic Authentication Hendrik Saly, codecentric

  2. Elasticsearch Security No security within Elasticsearch by default Secure it

    by using proxies/tunnels let the application handle security using security plugins
  3. Elasticsearch Security - by proxy Error prone (complex regex stuff)

    ES API changes must be manually maintained HTTP REST only No Document or Field level security
  4. Elasticsearch Security - by application If user access Elasticsearch not

    directly but through an application Handle security within the application Make sure that only the application can access Elasticsearch (Firewall) No security applied to intra-cluster communication
  5. Elasticsearch Security - by plugin thats what this talk is

    about Two plugins available Shield 2 (commercial, by elastic) Search Guard (open source, by floragunn) This talk focus on Shield
  6. Elasticsearch Security - HTTP/REST and Transport HTTP/REST Transport protocol (raw

    tcp) also used for intra-cluster communication With basic authentication SSL/TLS is mandatory
  7. Authentication & Authorization Authentication: Who am i Username/Principal (+ secret

    for a prove) Authorization: What i am allowed to do/see Roles/Groups with privileges/permissions assigned
  8. What should be secured? Access to nodes restrict on TCP/IP

    Level (ip filtering) restrict by authentication Intra-cluster communication Limit actions (read, write, admin, … ) Limit access to specific documents (DLS) Limit access to specific fields (FLS)
  9. Shield config # All cluster rights # All operations on

    all indices admin: cluster: all indices: '*': privileges: all # Only GET read action on index named events_index get_user: indices: 'events_index': privileges: 'indices:data/read/get' https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/shield/current/reference.html#privileges- list
  10. Shield Realm Combines HTTP Authentication method (Basic/SPNEGO/… ) OR PKI

    Authentication via SSL/TLS Backend Authentication (Backend Authorization)
  11. Shield Realm

  12. PKI authentication Two-way SSL authentication via X.509 certificates Single-Sign On

    possible Root CA recommended SSL/TLS required Great for Machine-to-Machine communication Works in browser too
  13. Generate certificates Assume there is a CA Server certificate for

    each node //Generate server certificate keytool -genkey -keystore keystore.jks \ -dname "CN=localhost, OU=SSL, O=Test, L=Test, C=DE" \ -ext san=dns:localhost,ip: \ //san -> Subject Alternative Names //https://www.digicert.com/subject-alternative-name.htm //Generate CSR keytool -certreq ... //let CA sign an import signed cert back into keystore //along with the root CA chain keytool -import ...
  14. Generate certificates Client certificates for each client/user //Create a client

    key openssl genrsa -out client.key 2048 //Create a client certificate openssl req -key client.key -new -out client.req \ -subj "/C=DE/ST=TESTU/L=TESTU/O=TESTU/OU=TESTU/CN=Mister Spock" openssl x509 -req -in client.req \ ... \ -out client.crt //optional: create a PCKS12 certificate openssl pkcs12 -export -clcerts -in client.crt -inkey client.key -out client.p12 \ -password pass:p12pass
  15. wget/curl Access PKI protected URLs wget -qO- \ --ca-cert=chain-ca.pem \

    --certificate=client.crt \ --private-key=client.key \ https://localhost:9200/_logininfo?pretty curl -E client.crt \ --key client.key \ --cacert chain-ca.pem \ "https://localhost:9200/_logininfo?pretty"
  16. Firefox

  17. DEMO Setup PKI realm https://github.com/salyh/elasticsearch-beyond-basicauthentication

  18. Kerberos/SPNEGO authentication Fits into Kerberos/AD infrastructure Enterprise grade security Single-Sign

    On possible No SSL/TLS required Works great with browsers
  19. Kerberos Realm Supports HTTP/REST Supports Transport protocol No JAAS login.conf

    needed (but its used under the hood) as well as GSS-API (Generic Security Service Application Program Interface)
  20. Kerberos Realm Access Kerberos protected URLs kinit [email protected] curl -k

    --negotiate -u : \ "https://localhost:9200/_logininfo?pretty"
  21. Kerberos Realm Access Kerberos protected transport protocol //KerberizedClient "client wrapper"

    Client client = ...; KerberizedClient kc = new KerberizedClient(client, "[email protected]", "secret", "HTTP/[email protected]"); KerberizedClient kc = new KerberizedClient(client, "[email protected]", Paths.get("ticket.cc"), "HTTP/[email protected]");
  22. DEMO Setup Kerberos realm https://github.com/salyh/elasticsearch-beyond-basicauthentication

  23. Mapping Users to Roles CONF_DIR/shield/users/role_mapping.yml monitoring: - "cn=admins,dc=example,dc=com" user: -

    "cn=John Doe,cn=contractors,dc=example,dc=com" - "cn=users,dc=example,dc=com" - "cn=admins,dc=example,dc=com"
  24. Document Level Security in Shield 2 Limit access to particular

    documents matching a query 1. role 2. index 3. privilege 4. query customer_care: (1) indices: '*': (2) privileges: read (3) query: '{"term" : {"department_id" : "12"}}'' (4)
  25. Field Level Security in Shield 2 Limit access to fields

    within a document my_role: indices: '*': privileges: read fields: - customer.*
  26. Limitations Shield is commercial and closed source No real separation

    between authentication and authorization Limited multirealm support XFF support unknown (for IP filtering) Shield config must be synchronized between nodes No nested LDAP roles
  27. Alternatives Floragunn Search Guard Plugin Open Source (ASL2 License) Currently

    only ES 1.x supported and low activity Central configuration approach More flexible, more features
  28. Whats probably next? SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) OAuth 2

    Waffle (native Windows authentication)
  29. Links https://github.com/salyh/elasticsearch-beyond-basicauthentication https://github.com/codecentric/elasticsearch-shield-kerberos-realm https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/shield/current/pki.html https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/shield/current/custom-realms.html https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/shield/current/reference.html#ref- actions-list https://github.com/floragunncom/search-guard https://github.com/dblock/waffle

  30. Thank you! Follow me on Twitter: This work is licensed

    under a [email protected] @hendrikdev22 Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License