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Designing a city that talks back to you

F8fb7cd486fb7c046de276f9a1f5981f?s=47 Sami Niemelä
October 25, 2011

Designing a city that talks back to you

A brief introduction to urban informatics and a case study of Urbanflow Helsinki, as shown at Helsinki City Hall Oct 25th, 2011.


Sami Niemelä

October 25, 2011


  1. — www.nordkapp.fi — @Nordkapp Urban Informatics, or designing for a

    city that talks back to you Sami Niemelä Creative Director, Nordkapp

  3. None
  4. What, why, how and when? Design Strategy, Business Design, Customer

    Insight and Concept Design.
  5. 80 Confidential 20 Public % %

  6. Things we’ve done SITO Spatial Map

  7. Things we’ve done Nappula—RFID for daycare use

  8. Things we’ve done Design for Shadow Cities US launch

  9. Things we’ve done Urbanflow Helsinki

  10. What is Urban Informatics?

  11. Old maps: Landmasses, infrastructure

  12. HELSINKI CITY PUBLIC TRANSPORT VISUALIZED http:/ /www.youtube.com/watch?v=qGllzWt0acU New maps: Realtime

    Digital Layers
  13. http:/ /intheair.es/tools/contaminants/info.html e.g. Air Pollution

  14. shadow cities http:/ /shadowcities.com e.g. location-based gaming

  15. foursquare checkins/ social london Anil Bawa Cavia 2010 e.g. What

    & where?
  16. Better Understanding of our cities

  17. This new world talks back to us.

  18. Bridges tweet

  19. photo credit or URL here, strtch to left cellphone coverage

    project Sha Hwang @ Stamen Cellphone Coverage
  20. visualisation Facebook usage the Worldwide Pulse of Things.

  21. Situated Interaction

  22. …is mostly about context: e.g. where, when?

  23. Kevin Lynch, 1960: Place Legibility

  24. Paths& Edges& Districts& Nodes& Landmarks

  25. Interfaces& Services& Data Platforms& Connected Objects& Infrastructure. Time +


  27. Re-Focus First Use Renewal Use Configure Urban Service Design

  28. The Larger Context(s) graph Ville Tikka / wevolve.us

  29. SUWAPPU http:/ /www.getsuwappu.com/ Mobile is Our New Eyes to the

  30. And it Will Get Better

  31. karmatech / wesc rfid concept http:/ /vimeo.com/18926005 Streets Will Lit

    Up at Our Feet
  32. Everything that can be software, will be.

  33. There’s an app for that.

  34. An app that knows where you live.

  35. + +

  36. Urban Screens Mobile Phones Tablets Multiuser screens TV PC WHERE?

  37. Urbanflow Helsinki a case study

  38. DESIGN PROBLEM 20 urban screens scattered around the city. No

    interactive content.
  39. X pcs different types of screens in the nodal points

    of public and pedestrian traffic, with integrated mobile and web services THE VISION
  40. …of which some are dedicated to commercial content, and some

    solely for serving municipal content.
  41. How it all started?

  42. 2008-09 Interviews, observation, ideas

  43. 2009-10 Research in Helsinki & Tallinn

  44. 2010 WDC Helsinki Open workshop

  45. None
  46. Late 2010 Project with Forum Virium Helsinki

  47. What is a screen?

  48. What is the system?

  49. How do the current screens work?

  50. Where could they be?

  51. What are the touchpoints?

  52. 1750mm 1000mm 850mm 658mm 0 1750mm 1000mm 850mm 658mm 15

    1750mm 1000mm 850mm 658mm 15 1750mm 1000mm 850mm 658mm 0 1750mm 1000mm 850mm 658mm 10 1750mm 1000mm 850mm 658mm 15 1750mm 1000mm 850mm 658mm 15 1750mm 1000mm 850mm 658mm 10 How about ergonomics?
  53. Physical prototyping

  54. Digital prototyping

  55. Design synthesis User needs

  56. 1 — Wayshowing; “where is xyz?” 2— What is happening

    and where? 3— Direct feedback to the city
  57. Findings

  58. Finding: a map is a natural and easily approachable starting

    point for interaction.
  59. Finding: The locals feel they have no need to urban

    screens (until a such concrete need arises)
  60. Finding: a map is familiar interaction metaphor for most of

  61. Concept

  62. Design intent Easy one-handed interaction

  63. Design Principles: Attract—Inform—Encourage

  64. Attract The screen is a living object that that subtly

    attracts attention, enticing the person to approach, even in a passive mode.
  65. Inform The screen gives useful and immediate information. It entices

    users to invest time in the interaction and gives them the means to control and display relevant information.
  66. Encourage The way in which the screen behaves encourages interaction

    and exploration. The screen can be touched anywhere.
  67. Functionality

  68. 1. Wayshowing: Route planner and city services

  69. None
  70. 2. Immediate, situated feedback to the municipality, from the city.

  71. None
  72. 3. Making the invisible data visible in your own environment

  73. None
  74. None
  75. View the video at http:/ /vimeo.com/26030147

  76. Next: minimum viable product

  77. 1. Wayshowing: 2. Events in the city 3. Mobile Text

  78. You Are Here Walking Minutes Information Layers

  79. None
  80. http://urbanflow.io

  81. — www.nordkapp.fi — @Nordkapp Thanks sami@nordkapp.fi @samin