Bridging Parallel Universes: Upgrading from AngularJS with Angular Elements (AngularMix)

7beed3a6fa39e12c9e873b903e4d9244?s=47 Sam Julien
November 21, 2019

Bridging Parallel Universes: Upgrading from AngularJS with Angular Elements (AngularMix)

How do you jump between the AngularJS universe and the Angular universe without tearing the fabric of reality? If you've got a giant AngularJS application, you've probably been stumped (and frustrated!) by how to get it moved to Angular. ngUpgrade doesn't seem to be a good option for you and you roll your eyes at anyone who suggests rewriting this behemoth from scratch. What are you supposed to do?

Luckily, there's a new kid on the block that's here to help: Angular Elements. Angular Elements lets you use tiny Angular apps as reusable custom web elements, which happens to be an excellent strategy for migrating big applications from AngularJS. Until now, though, there hasn't been much real-world content on HOW to actually do this. Sam Julien, Mad Upgrade Scientist, is here to help! In this talk, you'll learn how to plan your migration with Angular Elements, how to migrate components and services, and tips on how to bundle your custom elements. You'll leave this talk feeling like the master of the upgrade multiverse!


Sam Julien

November 21, 2019