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Ruby, Web and IOT with the same Platform

Ruby, Web and IOT with the same Platform

Let's discuss the power of ruby on CloudWalk day to day, where we are able to deploy Web applications with Rails and IOT solutions with mRuby


May 25, 2019

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  1. Payment acquirers are very inefficient
 Most using outdated technology

 Incapable of offering digital products @scalone
  2. @scalone Ruby history Rails history Ruby basics and demo Rails

    basics and demo mRuby history mRuby basics and demo Topics
  3. @scalone Created by Matz, release first version 95 (0.95) Script

    language, high-level, interpreted Object oriented, imperative, plus functional concepts Dynamic, metaprograming supporting Focus on simplicity and productivity Latest version 2.6.3 https://www.ruby-lang.org/en/ Ruby
  4. @scalone IRB - Interactive Ruby Shell Classes and modules Variables

    Operators Data Types Control Flow Regexp Ruby
  5. @scalone Opinionated Full-stack Web Framework - HTTP Model/View/Controller pattern Convention

    over Configuration DRY - Don’t Repeat your self CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) Scaffolding Active Record and Migrations Rails
  6. @scalone Model “Maintains the relationship between Object and Database and

    handles validation, association, transactions” View “A presentation of data in a particular format, triggered by a controller’s decision to present the data” Controller “The facility within the application that directs traffic, on the one hand querying the models for specific data, and on the other hand organizing that data (searching, sorting) into a form that fits the needs of a given view.” Rails
  7. @scalone Created by Matz Small Cross-compilation / ANSI C Modular

    No gems, mrbgems static compilation .mrb https://github.com/mruby/mruby mRuby
  8. @scalone CLI apps framework Created and maintained by hone, zzak

    and toch Power of mruby to generate standalone binary Linux, Windows, and OS X Docker Compose https://github.com/hone/mruby-cli https://github.com/cloudwalkio/cloudwalk mruby-cli
  9. @scalone Open Source IOT Embedded Framework Created by CloudWalk Adopt

    adapter pattern to hardware interface Compilation and packaging tools Helpers https://github.com/cloudwalkio/da_funk da_funk
  10. @scalone lib/device/ !"" application.rb !"" audio.rb !"" crypto.rb !"" display.rb

    !"" io.rb !"" magnetic.rb !"" network.rb !"" printer.rb !"" runtime.rb !"" system.rb #"" version.rb class Device class Audio def self.adapter Device.adapter::Audio end def self.beep(tone, seconds) milli = seconds * 1000 adapter.beep(tone, milli) end end end da_funk da_funk
  11. @scalone MRuby Libraries to make the runIme works h"ps:/ /github.com/cloudwalkio/mruby-da-funk

    IOT Framework h"ps:/ /github.com/cloudwalkio/da_funk TLV Parser (Payment TransacIon) h"ps:/ /github.com/scalone/funky-tlv CloudWalk CLI h"ps:/ /github.com/cloudwalkio/cloudwalk SSL Library mbed TLS / PolarSSL bind h"ps:/ /github.com/luisbebop/mruby-polarssl Open Source
  12. @scalone MRuby EMV Interface (Payment TransacIon) h"ps:/ /github.com/cloudwalkio/mruby-emv RIPEMD-160 hash

    h"ps:/ /github.com/scalone/mruby-ripemd QRCode generaIon h"ps:/ /github.com/scalone/mruby-qrcode Miniz bind to ZIP/UNZIP inflate/deflate h"ps:/ /github.com/scalone/mruby-miniz HMAC hash h"ps:/ /github.com/scalone/mruby-hmac Open Source