Adventures in MakerBot'ing

Adventures in MakerBot'ing

A presentation I gave a few times to local 3-D printer user groups in Boston, as well as internal company meetings at Roundarch Isobar about the possibilities of DIY fabrication using plastic, and other materials.


Scott Janousek

November 06, 2011


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    What is a MakerBot? 3-D Printer Extrudes plastic with the

    Toolhead attachments Allows you to create fabricate objects/things! Examples: Plastic Toys, replacement parts, almost Sunday, November 6, 11
  2. 9.

    My Bot, SAURON Name SAURON Birth Date 7/20/2011 # of

    Prints < 100 Status Healthy! Sunday, November 6, 11
  3. 73.

    Build Challenges Acrylic Build Platform?! No, HBP & ABP! Reversed

    Orientation on parts z-axis shaft length Sunday, November 6, 11
  4. 74.

    Wrong extruder height! Resolution: Nozzle couldn’t reach build platform. Swapped

    z-axis shaft thread to lower extruder. I was apparently sent the wrong length z-motor shaft ... Sunday, November 6, 11
  5. 78.

    Tool Head Error 0?! Hours of troubleshooting, days of back

    and forth ... Bad Extruder Controller Board Sunday, November 6, 11
  6. 81.

    Travel Case for Bot RobertHunt1987 “MakerBot Thing-o-Matic in a

    Pelican 1620 This is a Pelican 1620 with my MakerBot Thing-O-Matic inside. It must be slightly bigger than the original MakerBot because it's a tight fit, removing the bottom layer of foam helped, it fits quite nicely now. I ordered the case with the pick 'n' pluck foam, I had to allow space for the Z-Stepper and other bits like the feet and bolts. I would highly recommend this case if you plan to travel around with your bot, especially on public transport and it also makes a good seat if there is no room on the train :)” Sunday, November 6, 11
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    Training course! Making stuff is fun. It doesn’t have to

    be software, either. The “Maker generation” and “DIY movement” is about making physical entities, not just digital ones. In this workshop, we’ll explore the world of DIY (Do-It-Yourself) fabrication and replication. We’ll have an hour of setup & instruction, and then the rest of time will be devoted to a collaborative design & build of one or more object(s). The object(s) will wind up on thingiverse website for people around the world to download, output, and use! Attendees will learn some tips & tricks of makerbot, Replicator-G, as well as other technical jargon within the realm of 3-D printing. During the workshop, we will model simple objects in 3-D using software, tweak settings in Replicator-G, and render the results physically, in plastic using an on-site Makerbot (Thing-O- Matic). Attendees require no prerequisites for this workshop (besides having an active imagination). Come join us in the FITC “Fab Lab” and get a taste of what it’s like to be a hobbyist fabricator and inventor of “things”! @scottjanousek for more details! MakerBot’ing 101 workshop Sunday, November 6, 11
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    My Top Take aways! MakeBot is an excellent intro to

    DIY Fabrication ToM can be like owning a car (maintenance, parts, etc). Tweak your bot for maximum output effectiveness & efficiency! Have fun! Sunday, November 6, 11