Pony: How I learned to stop worrying and embrace an unproven technology

Pony: How I learned to stop worrying and embrace an unproven technology

This is the "Fintech" version of this talk.


Conventional wisdom holds that you should never build your business on top of bleeding-edge technology. Yet, when we at Sendence set out to build our high-performance stream processing engine Wallaroo, we chose to build it in Pony- a high-performance actor-based programming language that has limited industry usage. So far, this decision has worked out very well for us. Pony has helped us move with speed and confidence. In this talk, I'll cover several Pony features that have contributed to moving us forward. I'll also discuss how Pony's immaturity has at times hindered us. By the end of this talk, you'll have a solid understanding of Pony's strengths and weakness and be better equipped to decide if it just might be the right language for your next project.


Sean T Allen

June 26, 2017