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What is a creative technologist? V3.0

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April 16, 2013

What is a creative technologist? V3.0

I'm the first creative technologist at BBDO New York and to better explain what I do, I give this presentation.

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April 16, 2013


  1. What is a Creative Technologist? V3.0

  2. Before we try and answer that question

  3. How can brands communicate to the world?

  4. Very outdated image

  5. Advertising can be big TV Advertising can be a utility

    Advertising can be an event Advertising can be a game Advertising can be a community Advertising can be so many things that the rule book has gone out of the window
  6. Culture is being created every minute of every day

  7. By anyone with an idea and the will to make

  8. Welcome to the Age of Cultural Democracy

  9. Welcome to the Age of Realization

  10. None
  11. Technology was an enabler to these brand truths

  12. Not technology for technology’s sake

  13. Things you use can’t be faked

  14. The advertising is now the User Experience

  15. “A great ad campaign will make a bad product fail

    faster.” William Bernbach
  16. Welcome to the Age of Constraints

  17. A lot of new ideas are not possible Not because

    of ‘no money / no time’ But just not possible
  18. Welcome to the Age of Collaboration

  19. To think creatively in these new spaces We need to

    tweak how we work and who we work with
  20. Evolution Not a revolution in advertising

  21. So seriously, what is a Creative Technologist?

  22. Think Make CT

  23. Art Director = Art Copywriter = Copy Creative Tech =

  24. Be briefed to originate ideas to solve communications problems for

    our clients Work within a creative platform - the BIG idea and take it into a new space Collaborate with art director / copywriter to form multidisciplinary teams See interesting bits of technology to form new ideas around Be a filter on emerging trends in technology and share this to hopefully inspire new ideas
  25. I use code to help express Creative Ideas

  26. Making not Talking

  27. But a good creative technologist Has many other roles

  28. Ideas / Coder Producer Strategy UX IxD IA Tech Director

    Innovation Director T Shaped Model
  29. Case Study Eastern Eggs

  30. No brief. Just a desire to come up with a

    way to raise money for the Japan Tsunami appeal Brief
  31. Egg-Bot

  32. Egg-Bot

  33. Eastern Eggs Use the egg-bot to create Japanese themed eggs

    which can be sold for charity
  34. None
  35. Eastern Eggs

  36. None
  37. Eastern Eggs Sold over 650 eggs raising £6500 for the

    Red Cross Tsunami appeal
  38. Technology can Be the foundation And that is OK

  39. Case Study Redacted agency project

  40. Case Study Google Doodle Alexander Chen

  41. See the progression From prototype to a shareable idea

  42. Crayong

  43. MTA.ME

  44. Stringer

  45. Google Doodle

  46. Create prototypes that Demonstrate the Potential of an idea

  47. When you make a prototype as part of the creative

    process, it unlocks a deeper understanding of the idea When you give a client a prototype, it gives them an idea they can play with, it somehow feels tangible and buyable A prototype can be coded and then a film
  48. Make then Think In order to Think what to Make

  49. Xbox Kinect Launch

  50. Kinect Hacking

  51. Kinect Hacking

  52. Kinect Effect

  53. Microsoft saw what the hobbyist communities were doing with the

    Kinect and initially sent the lawyers after them Then they changed their tack when they saw the amazing things people were making with the Kinect Sadly most of the things demonstrated in the Kinect Effect ad are fiction... Eventually Microsoft embraced the community and provided them with help & tools
  54. Give people things To make things Which are advertising Is

    the new advertising
  55. Big things have small beginnings

  56. Learn To let go

  57. Trends 2013

  58. Maker Movement

  59. Learn To code

  60. 3D Printing Not quite mainstream

  61. Quantified Self

  62. What if the real world & digital crossover?

  63. Thank You @sermad