Business analytics with Python-based tools

Business analytics with Python-based tools

Python is arguably the leading language for open source data analytics in 2017, with a wealth of libraries, frameworks and solution to ingest, transform, aggregate, analyse, explore and visualise data, in various contexts (enterprise, scientific, journalistic…).

In this talk, we will focus on a few tools with a focus on enterprise applications:

- Pandas - a software library for data manipulation and analysis, which offers data structures and operations for manipulating numerical tables and time series.
- Apache Superset (incubating) - an enterprise-ready web application for data exploration, data visualization and dashboarding.
- OlaPy - an open source developed by the speaker’s company, which provide traditional “business intelligence” interfaces on top of Pandas
- Bonobo (ETL)


Stefane Fermigier

December 07, 2017