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UTSEUS course — Art of Presentation

UTSEUS course — Art of Presentation

Art of presentation course is about addressing to an audience with a visual support (or not) like in TED conference.


Fabien Pfaender

December 10, 2012


  1. Art of Presentation

  2. None
  3. Powerpoint presentation sucks most of the time

  4. If it sucks it is because of the speaker (that's

  5. Get in the mood What, you thought it was about

  6. a Storyteller an Idea a Hero and some tools...

  7. your audience here you are

  8. PEOPLE WILL RESIST You have to know them

  9. If you are not enthusiast, who will?

  10. None
  11. Duarte Rules

  12. Your Audience is smart, You try to make them smarter

    Audience is your king It should resonate with you
  13. S.T.A.R. moment Something They Always Remember

  14. What Is What Could Be

  15. None
  16. None
  17. Reynolds & co Rules

  18. Personal Unexpected Novel Challenging Humorous

  19. 10 slides 10 ideas 1 goal

  20. Change rythm often Pause after big idea Vary the tone

  21. Develop rapport with audience - confident and humble Get them

    an idea of where you are going Show your enthusiasm Be positive, upbeat, humourous It's not about numbers, it's about what the numbers mean Make it visual Introduce something unexpected Include only what is necessary Vary the pace and change techniques Save the best for last Go the appropriate length
  22. Design Rules

  23. RULE 1 Too Much Information

  24. Anatomy of a Slide A slide is composed of several

    things that we think are very important and that might or might not be present on the slide. - a title to describe the slide - a small description - a bullet point list * with more that one level • Even is there is only one point - some fonts with different sizes - even with different styles (serif or not) Some will even use comic sans ms >_< Description of a slide 1/2
  25. A good title tells something new to understand the slide

    A list who needs bullet points is a bad conceived list One font, Two level of size, never serif
  26. Don't do that on every slide!

  27. Try something like this if you must

  28. RULE 2 Put Enough Visual

  29. Google image Devianart Duarteshop Flickr Getty

  30. Think Diagram!

  31. The PRINCE2® Process Model Diagram Team Plans Checkpoint Reports Quality

    Register Completed WP MP Outputs Delivery Team Manager Management Project Manager Direction Project Board Corp.. Based on OGC PRINCE2® material. Reproduced under license from OGC www.MgmtPlaza.com Auth. To Initiate Authorize Project Approved PID Authorize stage End Stage Report Next Stage Plan or Exception Plan (SB) Managing a Stage Boundary Exception Report (Issue / Change & Risk) Highlight Reports Advice Premature Close Project Notification Initiation Notification Closure Notification Closure Recommend. End Project Report FAR, Lessons Rpt Draft Closure Notificat. Authorize initiation Authorize the project Authorize a Stage or Exception Plan Give ad hoc direction Auth. project closure Work Package Work Package Work Package Completed WP Managing Product Delivery (MP) Closing a project (CP) Initiating a Project (IP) Controlling a Stage (CS) Directing a Project (DP) Starting up a Project (SU) Req. to Initiate a Project Project Brief + IS Plan Project Init Doc Req. Deliver Project? Pre-Project Initiation Stages - Execution Close Project mandate Corporate or Programme Management Project Starts -- Once during project -- Once per stage -- Many times during stage -- Once per Work Package -- Notification -- Authorization -- Management Product Notification Mgmt Prod Auth. close soon Products get created & quality checked
  32. Napkinacademy.com

  33. You can do it yourself

  34. None
  35. RULE 3 Very Good Quality

  36. NO

  37. NO

  38. NO @Gettyimage @Gettyimage @Gettyimage

  39. NO

  40. YES

  41. YES

  42. YES

  43. RULE 4 Keep it simple and clean

  44. One idea at a time Use your tools guides &

    rules to align Remove everything not relevant
  45. Choose a color scheme and Stick to it Try Kuler.adobe.com

  46. None
  47. RULE 5 Prepare Yourself

  48. Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration Thomas Edison

  49. We are the 99...

  50. 1 hour presentation is 30 hour of preparation

  51. Write your first sentence Write keyword for every slide Use

    specific display for yourself Repeat, repeat, repeat
  52. None