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Automated UI Testing with Selenium - WPCampus 2017

Automated UI Testing with Selenium - WPCampus 2017

An introduction to user interface testing with Selenium WebDriver. Delivered at WPCampus 2017 in Buffalo New York on July 15, 2017.

Shawn Hooper

July 15, 2017

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  1. Blog - shawnhooper.ca
 Twitter - @shawnhooper Automated UI Testing Using

 WPCampus 2017, Buffalo NY
 Shawn Hooper Director of IT, Actionable.co
  2. Blog - shawnhooper.ca
 Twitter - @shawnhooper 
 Shawn Hooper

    Director of IT at Actionable.co
 Remote Worker
 WordPress Developer Since 2011
 Co-Organizer of WordCamp Ottawa, Ontario
 2nd WPCampus
 about( $me );
  3. Blog - shawnhooper.ca
 Twitter - @shawnhooper 
 Testing individual units

    of source code
 Run a function with with X arguments,
 we expect Y return value, or the test fails. Unit Testing
  4. Blog - shawnhooper.ca
 Twitter - @shawnhooper A unit test would

    assert that calling:
 $y = plus_one( 10 );
 equals 11, or the test fails. Unit Testing
  5. Blog - shawnhooper.ca
 Twitter - @shawnhooper 

    how our web application works in the browser window. UI Testing
  6. Blog - shawnhooper.ca
 Twitter - @shawnhooper 
 Integration Testing

    / Functional Testing
 Responsive Testing
 Cross-Browser Testing Dynamic Page Testing UI Testing
  7. Blog - shawnhooper.ca
 Twitter - @shawnhooper 
 Mac (with Homebrew):

 brew install selenium-server-standalone
 Install Browser Drivers: brew install chromedriver
 brew install geckodriver Installing Selenium Server
  8. Blog - shawnhooper.ca
 Twitter - @shawnhooper 
 brew services

    start chromedriver;
 brew services start geckdriver;
 selenium-server; Starting Selenium Server
  9. Blog - shawnhooper.ca
 Twitter - @shawnhooper 

    can see what sessions are running.
 This is also the URL referenced in your tests. Starting Selenium Server
  10. Blog - shawnhooper.ca
 Twitter - @shawnhooper 
 When you run

    your tests, you’ll see a browser window open, and run through the actions you’ve defined in your test. Starting Selenium Server
  11. Blog - shawnhooper.ca
 Twitter - @shawnhooper 
 There are

    many web services that will run the server-side of the Selenium tests for you. We use Sauce Labs. Offloading the Server
  12. Blog - shawnhooper.ca
 Twitter - @shawnhooper 
 Includes Support for

    Multiple Platforms, Browsers & Versions 
 Manual and Automated Testing Logs of all tests Captures Screenshots Includes a REST API Offloading the Server
  13. Blog - shawnhooper.ca
 Twitter - @shawnhooper 
 Change the URL

    you use for WebDriver: Offloading the Server
  14. Blog - shawnhooper.ca
 Twitter - @shawnhooper 
 There are officially

    supported WebDrivers from Selenium for:
 JavaScript (Node) WebDriver
  15. Blog - shawnhooper.ca
 Twitter - @shawnhooper 
 There are lots

    of unofficial WebDriver libraries as well, including for PHP.
 The one we’ll use in this demo is php-webdriver
 a library developed by Facebook. WebDriver
  16. Blog - shawnhooper.ca
 Twitter - @shawnhooper 
 We can

    install php-webdriver into our project with composer:
 composer require facebook/webdriver WebDriver
  17. Blog - shawnhooper.ca
 Twitter - @shawnhooper 
 The official

    tests for WordPress are all written in PHPUnit, so let’s take advantage of it for our Selenium testing! composer require phpunit/phpunit PHPUnit
  18. Blog - shawnhooper.ca
 Twitter - @shawnhooper 
 get() — Retrieves

    a web page by URL getTitle() - Return the <title> of the page
 quit() - Close the Web Browser
 findElement() - Find 1st element matching query findElements() - Find all elements matching query
  19. Blog - shawnhooper.ca
 Twitter - @shawnhooper 
 switchTo() - Switch

    window or frame navigate() - move through the browser history
 manage() - manage cookies & logs
 getPageSource() - “View Source” getCurrentURL() - Get the Current URL WebDriver
  20. Blog - shawnhooper.ca
 Twitter - @shawnhooper 
 getMouse() - Execute

    Mouse Actions getKeyboard() - Execute Keyboard Actions getTouch() - Execute Touch Screen Actions executeScript() - Execute Synchronous JS executeAsyncScript() - Execute Asynchronous JS WebDriver
  21. Blog - shawnhooper.ca
 Twitter - @shawnhooper 
 Queries the current

    page to retrieve one or more elements. Returns a WebDriverElement object or an array of WebDriverElement objects. FindElement(s)
  22. Blog - shawnhooper.ca
 Twitter - @shawnhooper 
 Includes several query

 (WebDriverBy Class):
 xPath FindElement(s)
  23. Blog - shawnhooper.ca
 Twitter - @shawnhooper 
 sendKeys() - Enter

    a value into an input or textarea
 click() - Click on the element
 clear() - Clear an input or textarea
 getID() - Get the ID of the element
 getAttribute() - Returns any attribute of the element
 getTagName() - Returns the HTML tag name 
 getCSSValue() - Returns the value of a CSS property
 getLocation() - Returns x y coordinate
 getSize() - Get the Size (Height & Width) of the Element
 isDisplayed() - Is this element visible
 isEnabled() - Is this element enabled WebDriverElement
  24. Blog - shawnhooper.ca
 Twitter - @shawnhooper You can also run

    a FindElement() or FindElements() query on the RemoteWebElement object to find child element(s). WebDriverElement
  25. Blog - shawnhooper.ca
 Twitter - @shawnhooper Let’s Abstract a WordPress

    Page into a class that we can use for our tests. Abstract Page Class
  26. Blog - shawnhooper.ca
 Twitter - @shawnhooper Let’s see this Abstract

    class as I’m using it on a real project. Revenue Calculator Example
  27. Blog - shawnhooper.ca
 Twitter - @shawnhooper 
 Run Selenium

    Tests as part of your build processes, so that you don’t deploy sites that fail any of your functional UI tests. Integrate into Build Servers
  28. Blog - shawnhooper.ca
 Twitter - @shawnhooper Slides for this presentation

    will be available on shawnhooper.ca
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