The Kid Whisperer

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April 09, 2012

The Kid Whisperer

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April 09, 2012


  1. Creating Calm with Children (aka "the kid whisperer")

  2. Non-Tech Approach: Storytelling

  3. Tech Approach: ipad Colorful Interactive Attention Grabbing

  4. Insights • Kids like rituals; makes them feel involved •

    Setting the tone is key to creating calm • Kids love to interact with other kids
  5. Burning Questions 1. How do we create an environment that

    is safe for kids to interact in? What does it look like? 2. When are kids seeking this kind of interaction? What time of day? What can we anchor it around? 3. Why do the parents need this? 4. How do we sustain the child's attention? 5. What learning are we trying to impart on the part of the child? What is the overall message? From what perspective?