Practical Orchestrator Tutorial

168ccec72eee0530b818d44f3fedaacf?s=47 Shlomi Noach
September 26, 2017

Practical Orchestrator Tutorial

Orchestrator is a MySQL topology manager and a failover solution, used in production on many large MySQL installments. It allows for detecting, querying and refactoring complex replication topologies, and provides reliable failure detection and intelligent recovery & promotion.

This tutorial walks through Orchestrator's setup, deployment and usage best practices. We will focus on major functionality points and share authoritative advice on practical production use.

Our cheat sheet covers:

- Detection: resolving, classification, pools, inspection.
- Topologies: Pseudo GTID, refactoring, querying for info.
- Failovers: configuration, promotion preferences, hooks, downtime, acknowledgements, planned failovers.
- Scripting: putting-it-all-together use case for automating failover tests.
- HA: Making orchestrator highly available, including recent consensus development.


Shlomi Noach

September 26, 2017