An Architecture forOpen Cross-Media Annotation Services

1135dc242dcff3b90ae46fc586ff4da8?s=47 Beat Signer
October 07, 2009

An Architecture forOpen Cross-Media Annotation Services

Presentation given at WISE 2009, Tenth International Conference on Web Information Systems Engineering, Poznan, Poland.

ABSTRACT: The emergence of new media technologies in combination with enhanced information sharing functionality offered by the Web provides new possibilities for cross-media annotations. This in turn raises new challenges in terms of how a true integration across different types of media can be achieved and how we can develop annotation services that are sufficiently flexible and extensible to cater for new document formats as they emerge. We present a general model for cross-media annotation services and describe how it was used to define an architecture that supports extensibility at the data level as well as within authoring and visualisation tools.

Research paper:


Beat Signer

October 07, 2009