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Studying Strapi: an open source head headless CMS

Studying Strapi: an open source head headless CMS

Matija Marohnić

February 05, 2021

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  1. At Orbit • our documentation is for developers and designers

    • we have a technical writer that happens to be good at development • so we can get away with Gatsby + MDX + bunch of other stu ff • but nobody else will know how to update it, including future technical writers who aren’t tech-savvy
  2. Headless CMS • content fetched via API requests • decoupling

    content from development • more fl exibility = less likely to be refactored
  3. Why Strapi? • tried NetlifyCMS (barely), Prismic, and DatoCMS •

    options I checked out either didn’t have a free plan or it seemed too limited • Strapi’s free plan has unlimited API calls
  4. Contentful? • great reviews on Twitter • free plan •

    25K records—I probably read this wrong the last time • 2 million API calls per month • fi rst paid plan is $489/mo 😅 💸
  5. Improvement Day plan 1. learn the basics of Strapi 2.

    integrate it with Next.js or Gatsby 3. pro fi t
  6. Basics • I was trying to fi nd “slow start”

    • npx create - my - app commands usually do too much this escalated quickly
  7. Basics • REST API by default, but supports GraphQL •

    comprehensive CLI • various plugins • email using services like Sendgrid, Mailgun etc. • editing stu ff sometimes changes fi les in the fi lesystem
  8. Conclusions • I wish I knew more about backend •

    Strapi seems to be very DYI • so far I’m comfortable with that • however, I’ll explore Contentful before continuing with this experiment
  9. General goals • control over the admin interface • maximum

    user-friendliness • next to zero developer intervention • editing (eventually) updates the site • preview 🤞 🤞 🤞