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Introduction to Remix

Introduction to Remix

Remix is a full stack React framework with big focus on web standards and user experience. I talk about my experience with Next.js, and compare it to my experience with Remix so far.

Matija Marohnić

October 26, 2022

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  1. Matija Marohnić
    Introduction to
    A full stack React framework

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  2. Full stack?
    • frontend + backend

    • enjoying the bene
    ts of backend more cheaply

    • performance

    • SEO

    • may work without JS

    • etc.

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  3. React… framework?
    Isn’t React already a framework?
    • in this context React, Vue.js, Svelte etc. can be referred to as UI libraries
    • generation and management of the DOM

    • no bundling, serving, live reloading, routing, pre-fetching etc.

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  4. What about Next.js?
    • most popular full stack React framework

    • dynamic and static export, CSS support, image and font optimization…

    • tried it, but never particularly loved it

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  5. My experience with Next.js
    • Next.js hasn’t taught me much

    • features seem like results of requests

    • retrospectively, the static export feature seems ill-advised

    • better to use Eleventy or Astro

    • o
    ers a lot without much direction

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  6. next/image
    (for example)
    • a blackbox solution for buzzwords like LCP, CLS

    • doesn’t teach about responsive images, e.g. concepts like “art direction”

    • mentions stu
    like preload tags and priority hints, but no link

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  7. Fancy terms
    • serverless, edge computing, deployment services…

    • many courses on building, but not so many on delivering

    • I often felt like this:

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  8. Remix
    • no static export, teaches edge computing

    • only supports CSS
    les, no built-in Sass, CSS-in-JS etc.

    • no live-reload yet, but fast bundling with esbuild!

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  9. • close to The Platform → transferrable skills

    • “build better websites, sometimes with Remix”

    • teaches web development, not (just) Remix

    • I became better at Next.js 😄

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  10. • a lot of research → greater trust

    • The Edge

    • React Server Components

    • Remix vs Next.js

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  11. 🧑💻 remix.run

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  12. 🧑💻 silvenon.com

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  13. Remix
    • motivated me learn no-JS, caching, cookies… even databases!

    • it helped me
    nally get into full stack 🥳

    • I’m building better user experiences

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  14. @silvenon

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