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Event Storming for Everyone (LaraconEU 2019)

Event Storming for Everyone (LaraconEU 2019)

Event Storming is an adaptive workshop-based method of learning and discovery that promotes involvement from stakeholders with different backgrounds. In this session, you will learn how Event Storming leverages the combined knowledge of your entire team. You will also see how it can help your team gain a more complete understanding of your business processes. How? With an unlimited modeling surface, markers for everyone, and an inexhaustible supply of post-it notes. We'll cover the basics of how Event Storming works, how workshops are run, and a few examples showing how everything fits together. By the end, you'll be ready to experiment with Event Storming and know how to sell Event Storming for your team's next big project!

Beau Simensen

August 30, 2019

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