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Packer, Terraform & Jenkins

Packer, Terraform & Jenkins

Packer, Terraform & Jenkins IaC & CD for small stacks


Simon McCartney

February 05, 2019


  1. Packer, Terraform & Jenkins IaC & CD for small stacks

    Simon McCartney Twitter: @simonmcc
  2. Background: Isn’t this a solved problem?

  3. Background: Don’t containers solve everything?

  4. Goal 1: Traceable Images • What was this image built

    from? • Project, branch, SHA, clean, dirty • Store it inside the image and externally via tags
  5. Goal 2: Testable Images • Validate that an image is

    good • Chef’s InSpec for os/infra • App/Service specific testing
  6. Goal 3: Self Contained • Monorepo FTW, single pipeline •

    Minimal Jenkins Plugins • Sanity wrappers for Terraform & Packer • Terraform for the app • Terraform for the build environment
  7. Packer Wrapper – build.sh •Modeled on base & app AMI

    – overkill for this POC •Expose git SHA & clean/dirty state to packer for including in tags etc (‘cos CLI building should still be possible!) •Only build base/app AMI when necessary
  8. tfw •Terraform wrapper •Map git branch to terraform workspace •Map

    git branch to tfvars •Expose git branch & sha to aid tagging & building unique resources (RDS Instance etc)
  9. tfw •Configure terraform remote state render backend_config.tf AWS: create s3

    bucket & DynamoDB Azure: create Resource Group & Storage Account
  10. Jenkinsfile •Simple master/!master path

  11. Tips •Watch out for account or globally unique resources (that’s

    why we expose branch & SHA1 to packer & terraform) •SHA1 for images in this POC is weak – it’s of a git object that “mostly” represents the image build source. •Jenkins aws-credentials & docker agent is broken :(
  12. Links •https://github.com/simonmcc/cfgmgmtcmp-2019- iac-ci-cd •https://github.com/jenkins201/jenkins-container •Twitter: @simonmcc •https://www.axon.com

  13. We’re hiring! SRE, Remote UK & EU

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