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Catching Opportunities with Open Source (ForumPHP 2012)

Catching Opportunities with Open Source (ForumPHP 2012)

Nowadays almost every developer is using from Open Source Software in some way, however just few are actively involved. Releasing Open Source seems to be affordable only to students and others who seem to have too much time on their hands. You can not possibly be deeply involved. Or can you? In this session you will learn how Open Source engagement can be valuable for you and your job and how your employer can greatly benefit as well. See how embracing the Open Source philosophy can increase your knowledge and reputation, how it can help you to save your company time and money, how it can attract new employees as well as get you that exciting job. ..and of course: how Open Source will make you love what you're doing even more.


Stefan Koopmanschap

June 06, 2012

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  1. Catching Opportunities with Open Source by Stefan Koopmanschap & Christian

    Schaefer woensdag 6 juni 12
  2. „What caused England, the colonial power, to fritter away its

    head start within the span of a century, while the underdeveloped agrarian state of Germany caught up rapidly, becoming an equally developed industrial nation by 1900?“ * * taken from: Spiegel Online No Copyright Law - The Real Reason for Germany's Industrial Expansion? a little history .. woensdag 6 juni 12
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  4. the private perspective woensdag 6 juni 12

  5. it’s your cv woensdag 6 juni 12

  6. provoke feedback woensdag 6 juni 12

  7. for fame and glory woensdag 6 juni 12

  8. the corporate perspective woensdag 6 juni 12

  9. improving business woensdag 6 juni 12

  10. building on top woensdag 6 juni 12

  11. comes without warranty woensdag 6 juni 12

  12. how about open data woensdag 6 juni 12

  13. how to be successful woensdag 6 juni 12

  14. you’re not alone woensdag 6 juni 12

  15. join the community woensdag 6 juni 12

  16. start by rating out talk http://joind.in/6456 woensdag 6 juni 12