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Building an Artful Web

Fdb6cf3b7937066a7cb98b154a6a2717?s=47 Smith Schwartz
October 03, 2014

Building an Artful Web

Sass Conf 2014


Smith Schwartz

October 03, 2014


  1. Building an Artful Web @smithschwartz

  2. Professional journey Art school Bartending Museums Design + Development @smithschwartz

  3. Museums Conservation Security Accessibility Safety Clarity Delight @smithschwartz

  4. Digital nomads New city every month or two Work full-time

    while traveling Reduce possessions to essentials Reverse nomads @smithschwartz
  5. Building a business Lots of tinkering Constant learning Client work

    Work with various shops Design life backwards @smithschwartz
  6. What is Art Anyway? @smithschwartz

  7. Obama logo How do we accession a logo? How do

    we preserve digital work? @smithschwartz
  8. Art is temporal Responsive design drama Every work is born

    of its time We are both limited by and inspired by the technology that is available Andy Goldsworthy Limited by materials and space @smithschwartz
  9. Rain Shadows Time is a material Patience is a tool

    Technically, not challenging Respect @smithschwartz
  10. Wolf Kahn “Your work isn’t messy enough.” The best way

    to learn is by making a mess Then cleaning it up It’s why Sass exists @smithschwartz
  11. Art & Fear *REQUIRED READING* This book is about making

    ordinary art Not all art can be made by Mozart Nor should it @smithschwartz
  12. "But why you may feel you’re just pretending that you’re

    an artist, there’s no way to pretend you’re making art. Go ahead, try writing a story while pretending you’re writing a story. Not possible... You make good work by (among other things) making lots of work that isn’t very good, the parts that aren’t yours. It’s called feedback, and it’s the more direct route to learning about your own vision. It’s also called doing your work. After all, someone has to do your work, and you’re the closest person around." @smithschwartz
  13. Creative work is emotional The biggest hurdle is yourself Rote,

    physical work can push you past this Get outside your usual domain @smithschwartz
  14. Always be producing Set aside daily time for creative pursuits

    Don’t judge or edit yourself Quantity is your only goal Get out of your own way and ship it @smithschwartz
  15. Make dumb stuff The web can be a playful place

    Projects don’t have to be perfect OwlRat Surfbored @smithschwartz
  16. Technical vs. Artistic Web work is so precise Businesses have

    exacting needs Go forth and produce the playful and fun! @smithschwartz
  17. Thank you! tl;dl Bring an artful approach to all that

    you do Be an ordinary artist @smithschwartz