Safer Internet Practices VPN

Safer Internet Practices VPN

This is part 1 of 4 Topics that I will cover to address Safer Practices on the computer and internet


Nico Smith

June 19, 2019


  1. Th e intent on this guide is to place control

    back into the hands of the Providing handrails for the average user experience within the cybercommunity, with an emphasis on security. Everyday we look both ways before crossing the street, why should the internet be any diff erent. Th roughout this manual, we will attempt to address mindset and application of security approaches, while I am not proposing this be the only approach to a safer internet experience I can promise you that the countermeasures in this book can be a good start to a safer experience. Th e large quote and brackets identify the area to be discussed for quick navigation. INTRO
  2. VPN VPN and VPN’s for usage is oft en sold

    as the end all be all security approach to internet safety… don’t be that guy or gal to believe this. Th ere are many uses and benefi ts of a VPN but it is simply one layer of the protective suit that we should don whilst traversing the internet. What is a VPN? A VPN is a method to create a secure connection across many networks. When you go to MC Donald’s, Tim Hortons, Starbucks and your best friends house, you should be using a VPN. Th is is a good use of safe computer usage and surfi ng of the internets. By routing your traffi c across servers with encryption keys we can enjoy the benefi ts of encrypting our messages and web traffi c. How to select a VPN? Take your time and identify what you intend on using it for, are you going to be gaming are you going to be watching Netfl ix, are you being censored in your native land and want access to something or some media outlet? Th ese are all great reasons to want a VPN. Here are some great considerations: 1. Are you in the U.S. or Abroad? 2. Are you going to use multiple devices at the same time? 3. Do you stream movies or game? 4. Are you technical? if so HOW Technical Ill attempt to address each of the points on the next page , come check it out.
  3. VPN Are you in the U.S. or Abroad? Why would

    I ask you something so benign? Th e answer is quite simple, in the United States there are certain laws or practices that impede, restrict and almost outright deny anonymity. In the news Australia voted to deny full encryption, the law required the tech companies to provide law enforcement and security agencies with access to encrypted communications, which leads me to believe that there is interception that is happening prior to encryption on servers in Australia and or any device that begins in Australia. When deciding on the VPN provider, jurisdiction and location matters. If you hop on over to “ HTTPS://THATONEPRIVACYSITE.NET/VPN-COMPARISON- CHART/ ” Th e creator of this site has done a lot of the work for you regarding locations, providers and even provides an amazing chart that you can download to make the best decision. Please donate if you can , resources like this enable us , the end user to make better decisions. Try to fi nd a provider that has better practices and is not able to be easily compelled to provide logs , this is at the time of writing not a common trait of U.S. VPN providers if you can fi nd one congrats.
  4. VPN Are you going to use multiple devices at the

    same time? Tablets, Smart Phones, Laptops , Desktops , Alexa, Google are all things that we need to take into consideration. When you decide to purchase a VPN service for the fi rst or even the one billionth time, I fi nd the biggest issue with VPN selection appears when I want to integrate my hyper mobile lifestyle with security. Th e use of VPN on my phone and my daughters laptop , and my wife’s tablet is paramount, and I’ve only mentioned 3 devices. I fi nd the higher end american compaines off er this , but again I would caution the provider that you select for logging and reporting practices. Ive heard that there are very few companies that don’t log and for some vpn, there are many services that don’t work well with the use of vpns , or certain vpn providers, such as NETFLIX and some other streaming services so you need to understand the vpn settings and the requirements for implementation.
  5. I hope you enjoyed the information contained within this short

    write-up Im a part-time security hobbiest, researcher , implementer. If you enjoyed this or found value, drop a few coins in my In short as I continue to discover new trends and methods, ill continue to share my perspective in order to create safer , smarter and capable users . I hope that my experience provides you the ways to execute or not execute. LOL Thanks