From Zero to Wordpress in 60 Minutes @ Manchester NLPN

From Zero to Wordpress in 60 Minutes @ Manchester NLPN

I gave a brief introduction to Wordpress at the 1st "Manchester New Library Professionals Network" meeting. A blog post (the Wordpress blog was set up as a consequence of this talk) about the event can be found here:



June 30, 2012


  1. 30 June 2012 From Zero to Wordpress in 60 Minutes

    Samantha Bail, Manchester Girl Geeks
  2. Me, me, me! ✤ In Manchester since 2008 ✤ BSc

    in Media Informatics ✤ MSc in Advanced Computer Science ✤ PhD student in Computer Science ✤ = never had a job. ✤ Co-founder of Manchester Girl Geeks
  3. Overview ✤ The Internet (GASP!) ✤ What is Wordpress? ✤

    The famous 5 minute install in 15 minutes. ✤ Content management with Wordpress ✤ Prettification
  4. How does “the internet” work?

  5. What is being served? ✤ The core of (almost) every

    web page you see is HTML ✤ HTML can be created statically (write it in a text editor)... ✤ ... or dynamically, e.g. with a “scripting” language (PHP, JSP...) ✤ Browser “understands” HTML and renders it ✤ Can be styled with CSS
  6. Stop! Demo time.

  7. Content Management Systems ✤ Web content changes all the time!

    ✤ Writing a blog directly in HTML is possible but... sigh... yawn... ✤ ... which is why there exist reusable frameworks! ✤ CMS = (usually) a database + set of scripts ✤ takes care of adding, storing, modifying and removing content ✤ displaying the (styled) content to visitors
  8. Wordpress ✤ Wordpress is such a Content Management System ✤

    MySQL database + PHP scripts ✤ It’s free and Open Source ✤ Two options: ✤ - hosted by them, but limited customisation ✤ - install WP on your own webspace
  9. The famous 5 minute install: Prep! ✤ You need (all

    from the same provider or separate) ✤ webspace (PHP-ready) ✤ a database management system (e.g. MySQL) ✤ a domain name ✤ (I’m using’s “amethyst” package) ✤ an FTP client (e.g. Cyberduck, ...)
  10. The famous 5 minute install: Go! ✤ Instructions: 1.

    Download Wordpress + unzip 2. Create database + user (in phpMyAdmin) 3. Open wp-config.php in text editor & fill in database details 4. Upload folder to your webspace (using an FTP client or cPanel) 5. Go to 6. Congratulations, you now have a working Wordpress install!
  11. Stop! Demo time.

  12. Managing content with Wordpress ✤ Content can be added in

    the admin area of your Wordpress install ✤ Posts: e.g. blog posts, news... - all on one page, newest first ✤ Pages: “static” pages in menu, e.g. “About me”, “Contact” ✤ Categories, tags: organise content ✤ Widgets: e.g. Twitter feed, calendar, tags, ...
  13. Prettification ✤ Different options to modify look & feel: ✤

    Use existing theme “out of the box” ✤ Use existing theme with “theme options” ✤ Use existing theme and modify CSS and/or PHP ✤ Build theme from scratch ✤ Hint: Changing layout can be very tricky
  14. Last demo!

  15. That’s it! ✤ Check out and ✤ Thousands

    of themes: ✤ Other CMS: ✤ ✤ ✤ (very, very powerful)
  16. Want to become a Wordpress pro? ✤ Omniversity (at MadLab)

    are running a Wordpress workshop! ✤ Led by Mike Little, co-founder of Wordpress ✤ 7th and 8th July, £200 for two days incl. food and drinks ✤