Who are the Girl Geeks? @ Women in IT event, Manchester University, UK

Who are the Girl Geeks? @ Women in IT event, Manchester University, UK

Another introduction to Manchester Girl Geeks, with a little more text. I gave this talk at the Manchester University "Women in IT" event in July 2012.



July 10, 2012


  1. Who are the Girl Geeks?

  2. How we started... • G.G. Dinners started in London •

    Not for profit network • More than 60 groups worldwide! • Support women in IT through networking events
  3. Manchester Girl Geeks • Started in 2009 as ‘family-friendly’ addition

    to the dinners • Monthly workshops (‘tea parties’) • Hands-on activities and talks • For girls and women of all age groups
  4. We have worked with... • Museum of Science & Industry

    (MOSI) • Manchester Science Festival • Manchester Metropolitan University • The RECLAIM Project • Manchester libraries • Manchester Mega Mela festival • The Cornerhouse
  5. Coding workshops

  6. Talks (Dr Lucie Green)

  7. Mathematical Origami

  8. Outdoor activities! (Mega Mela 2011)

  9. Why!? • Girls & women are underrepresented in STEM •

    Girls are often not encouraged to engage in STEM • But we need more women in STEM jobs! • We offer them a ‘first contact’ with technology & science outside a school environment
  10. The Future... • Girl Geek Dinners will become a charity

    • Set up regular coding workshops • Set up online resources (“How to learn coding” etc) • Continue collaboration with community groups in Manchester
  11. Upcoming events • Saturday, 14th July: Introduction to Coding, Wythenshawe

    Library • Sunday, 15th July: Mathematical Origami @ Manchester Mega Mela • Sunday, 28th July: Show & Tell @ Manchester Mini Maker Faire
  12. Get in touch! • manchestergirlgeeks.com • Twitter: @mcrgirlgeeks • facebook.com/mcrgirlgeeks

    We’re always looking for volunteers and speakers!