"Inspiring the next generation of girl geeks" - TEDx Huddersfield, March 2013

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March 08, 2013

"Inspiring the next generation of girl geeks" - TEDx Huddersfield, March 2013

Slides to my talk about getting girls into tech and the work I do with Manchester Girl Geeks. There isn't much info on the slides, but some stats and references on the last slide which might be useful.



March 08, 2013


  1. Inspiring the next Generation of Girl Geeks Samantha Bail @mcrgirlgeeks

  2. Meet my mum organic veg grower extraordinaire.

  3. Little did he know...

  4. B.Y.O. build your own.

  5. 9%of A-level computing students. 18%of the technology workforce. 13%of computing

    undergraduates. 1.5%of open source contributors.
  6. Skills shortage in other words: jobs!

  7. 129,000 jobs per year.

  8. Technology shapes our world a world that is 50% female.

  9. 45% of girls age 7-15 use smartphone. 50% play online

    games. 51% of laptops are bought by women. 58% of facebook users.
  10. Creators, not consumers help shape the world.

  11. Mathematical Origami i didn’t just make that up.

  12. Lots of coding raspberry pis, arduinos, et al.

  13. Soldering flashing led badges.

  14. MORSE CODE it’s like binary!

  15. None
  16. Make it fun. don’t make it a big deal. Just

    do it. it doesn’t mean you’re not good enough. Failure is an Option. it’s okay to break stuff.
  17. THANK YOU. Samantha Bail @mcrgirlgeeks manchestergirlgeeks.com

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