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Gitmoji, a journey to commit like a hipster

Gitmoji, a journey to commit like a hipster

Talk made during Paris TypeScript #27 event.

This is a fresh and funny presentation on using emojis in commit messages to improve readability of repo history.

This talk was recorded and it's available on youtube: https://youtu.be/4ldPQxxlf24?t=2809


Sylvain Pontoreau

November 03, 2020


  1. A journey to commit like a hipster November 2 |

    Paris TypeScript #27 | Sylvain Pontoreau
  2. Who I am @spontoreau Sylvain Pontoreau How it started -<@

    O=|====> O_O How it’s going ⚔ Emo(ticons/jis), I’m in that business since 1998 J And I like to do funny things with them Co-organizer In love Writer Microsoft MVP
  3. Commit messages… A former employee You trying to fix production

  4. But it’s not that easy! You everyday The guy who’s

    joining your team
  5. Convention to the rescue The conventional commits specification

  6. Conventional commits A set of rules for creating explicit commit

    history • How it works: Format types(context): message Types Fix Feat Breaking changes ! • Types can be extended easily (impr, chore, refactor, perf, docs, …) • Automation made simple (changelog, semantic versioning, …)
  7. Conventional Commits is bad https://twitter.com/anaisbetts/status/1316333390166200321 But keep calm, it's better

    than nothing
  8. Emojis in commit messages « Man you definitely need to

    try emojis, it’s perfect » A developer friend First day in a new company
  9. First time I saw that I just didn’t understand…

  10. Why considering emojis? ✅ No need to explain what it

    stands for The are super expressive!
  11. Why considering emojis? It’s not working Tada! ✅ Test are

    ok! We are working on it! Let’s drop that! It’s super easy to read! How normal humans scan text Where is the bug? Your eyes directly look here
  12. A convention based on emojis! Gitmoji https://gitmoji.carloscuesta.me/

  13. Me after one day with Gitmoji you can try, but

    it's going to be hard
  14. Gitmoji The basic ones!

  15. Gitmoji Refacto / Improvement

  16. Gitmoji Package management

  17. Gitmoji Testing

  18. Gitmoji Other useful emojis

  19. Gitmoji You can extend it! Probably something related to Docker

  20. Gitmoji CLI Yes, there is a CLI for that https://gitmoji.carloscuesta.me/

    Emoji in branch name
  21. Changelog No more excuses now https://github.com/frinyvonnick/gitmoji-changelog

  22. SemVer Major messages.contains() Minor !messages.contains() && messages.contains(✨) Patch !messages.contains() &&

    !messages.contains(✨) Not a big deal with emojis Maybe I need to build a package for that
  23. Is it perfect? Yes and no… Log in terminal… Who

    is using Bitbucket? … oh wait my company Accessibility? VS Code also…
  24. ❓ Questions? Feel free to ask!

  25. Thanks!