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React inside Elm

September 15, 2017

React inside Elm

This presentation shows how we are embedding React inside Elm


September 15, 2017

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  1. R E A C T I N S I D

    E E L M S E B A S T I A N P O R T O
  2. 2 Y E A R S A G O S

    TA R T E D W I T H R E A C T
  3. W H AT W E WA N T E L

    M E V E RY W H E R E
  4. B U T T H AT I S N O

    T H A P P E N I N G
  5. S E C O N D B E S T

    T H I N G Foundations in ELM Legacy widgets in React
  6. W E B C O M P O N E

    N T S E L M A N D W E B C O M P O N E N T S - R I C H A R D F E L D M A N H T T P S : / / W W W. Y O U T U B E . C O M / WAT C H ? V = A R 3 TA K W E 8 O 0
  7. W E B C O M P O N E

    N T S - Shadow DOM - Html imports - Custom elements
  8. C U S T O M E L E M

    E N T S <x-widget count="1" />
  9. W H AT I S N E E D E

    D ? yarn add document-register-element Pollyfil https://github.com/WebReflection/document-register-element import "document-register-element"
  10. C U S T O M E L E M

    E N T S + R E A C T import "document-register-element" import r from "ramda" import React from "react" import ReactDOM from "react-dom" function render(ComponentClass: ReactClass<any>) { return function() { function reducer(acc, node) { const merge = { [node.nodeName]: node.nodeValue, } return r.merge(merge, acc) } const props = r.reduce(reducer, {}, this.attributes) ReactDOM.render( <ComponentClass {...props}/>, this ) } } function detach() { ReactDOM.unmountComponentAtNode(this) } function registerCustomElement(ComponentClass: ReactClass<any>, tagName: string) { const elementPrototype = Object.create(HTMLElement.prototype) elementPrototype.attachedCallback = render(ComponentClass) elementPrototype.attributeChangedCallback = render(ComponentClass) elementPrototype.detachedCallback = detach elementPrototype.createdCallback = created try { return document.registerElement(tagName || ComponentClass.displayName, { prototype: elementPrototype, }) } catch(e) { rollbar.error(e) } } export default registerCustomElement
  11. R E G I S T E R A C

    U S T O M E L E M E N T function Widget(props) { ... } registerCustomElement(Widget, "x-widget")
  12. U S I N G I T node "x-widget" [

    attribute "count" "1" ] [] <x-widget count="1" /> Props for react
  13. I T W O R K S Elm in the

    middle React JS Routing, etc
  14. O U R C O N C E R N

    S • Preserve React state • CSS • Events from React to Elm • Redux • Relay
  15. R E A C T S TAT E React state

    (in custom element) is preserved fine Elm doesn't destroy React state
  16. E V E N T S F R O M

    R E A C T S O M E T H I N G H A P P E N E D G O T I T
  17. I S L I K E J Q U E

    RY / B A C K B O N E = = D O M E V E N T S
  18. E V E N T S F R O M

    R E A C T let customEventDecoder = Decode.at [ "detail" ] Decode.string decoder = Decode.map OnTriggerEvent customEventDecoder in node "x-widget" [ attribute "eventname" "trigger" , on "trigger" decoder ] [] Listen to DOM events
  19. const event = new CustomEvent(props.eventname, { detail: "Hello", bubbles: true,

    }) function send(e) { e.target.dispatchEvent(event) } return ( <section> <button onClick={send}>Send event</button> </section> ) E V E N T S F R O M R E A C T Trigger DOM events
  20. R E D U X O P E N T

    H E M E N U O K
  21. R E D U X const store = createStore(update) window.reduxStore

    = store E L M <Provider store={window.reduxStore}> <Widget {...props} /> </Provider> In custom element Outer layer
  22. PA S S I N G P R O P

    S To Elm via ports To Read via attrs Or Redux
  23. O T H E R E L M window is

    your friend w i n d o w . s h o w S u c c e s s = f u n c t i o n ( ) . . . w i n d o w . s h o w S u c c e s s ( . . . )
  24. N E A R F U T U R E

    Wrap all React widgets in custom element inside Elm