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Fixing the Disturbed Hair Growth Cycle - The Pro Tips

Fixing the Disturbed Hair Growth Cycle - The Pro Tips

Brittle hair is one of the biggest nightmares of a woman. Checkout how to Fix the disturbed hair growth cycle by Experts. Buy Premium Hair care Products in Discounted Prices from https://springalways.co/collections/olaplex

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May 05, 2021

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  1. Fixing The Disturbed Hair Growth
    Cycle: The Pro Tips
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  2. Brittle hair is one of the biggest nightmares of a woman. In the
    times when women’s deep-rooted beauty secret lies in a
    constantly changing hair look, maintaining the natural hair
    growth cycle is the real challenge.
    After taking a ride into various hair coloring compounds,
    heat-supported stylings, and chemical treatments, your hair
    shaft needs a breather !!

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  3. This is because the chemicals agents and harsh heating stylers that
    give you a break from the samey hair strands, generally take away their
    natural moisture and hair bonds; further disturbing your hair growth
    cycle. Did you know that at-home therapies like Olaplex treatment
    with No.0 and No.3 can straighten things out?
    Let’s take you deeper into the three stages of hair growth. How it gets
    perturbed by indulging them in the uber-chic hair trends? And how
    can the Olaplex at-home treatment put such a disturbance to bed?

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  4. The Basic Hair Structure
    Everyone comes across the two commonly used terms when one talks of the
    hair-the hair follicle and hair shaft but very few know the difference between
    the two. To understand the cycle of hair growth, you need to first clear your
    head with the structure and function of these two terms.
    The hair follicle is something that is beneath your scalp and is not visible. It
    has a papilla and a hair bulb below it. The papilla is a narrow thread-like tube
    structure that provides blood supply from the blood vessels to your hair strand
    by stimulating the hair bulb which holds the active hair cells(from which the
    hair strand sprouts). This stimulation through blood supply coming from
    papilla is responsible for a healthy hair strand’s growth.

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  5. From the healthy hair follicle begins the hair strand and all
    the visible hair strands are called the hair shaft. From where
    the hair follicle ends to the hair shaft; keratin, a very
    important hair protein is present. 95% of our hair strength is
    dependent on it. The more keratin, the better will be hair. It
    is protected by a layer called the hair cuticle.

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  6. The Three Stages Of Hair Vegetation
    ANAGEN- This is a period when the hair starts to grow. The duration varies from
    person to person, based on hair length, genetics, age, and many other factors. The
    process can last between 2 to 8 years depending on when your hair follicle supine.
    Hair growth can be up to 30 inches if every factor to hair growth falls in the right
    CATAGEN- This is the time when your hair witnesses a change. It detaches itself from
    the contact of the blood-supplying vessels and survives on its own collected
    components. This period is very short, not more than 3 weeks. Here, it’s referred to as
    hair club. After consuming its nutrients to the fullest, it is ready for its final stage.

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  7. TELOGEN- This is the final stage of the hair when it rests till the time a new hair
    sprouts beneath it. This phase lasts for 3 months to be approx. After this, the old hair
    club completes its cycle and falls, allowing the new hair to come into the same
    processing from the follicle.
    Now, you know why it’s considered a healthy sign to lose 100 hair strands every day!
    #Each hair strand has a separate time of the cycle and that’s why you don’t lose big
    hair patches at once. That is hair breakage or unhealthy hair fall as a result of the
    interruption in the natural hair growth cycle.

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  8. What Disturbs The Hair Cycle?

    Unhealthy eating habits

    Stress and anxieties

    Disorderly sleep

    Unnecessary heat exposure

    Using intolerant chemical agents

    Environmental imbalance.
    All these factors destroy the natural compounds that the hair club collects while it’s
    at the follicle stage. Above this, if the chemicals are very harsh then the processing
    at the follicles also stopped and you feel that now your hair growth has stopped

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  9. The Fixing
    Whatever be the reason for intrusion in the hair cycle, you need to routinely focus
    on the following simple rules -

    Exercise Daily to stimulate the hair blood vessels. Sirsasana or headstand is

    Supply enough proteins and a variety of nutrients from the kitchen.

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  10. Hair Care Premium Products

    Maintain the cleanliness using organically processed products- From shampoos to
    conditioners, from hair masks to hair serums, all have to be authentic and delicate. The
    haircare industry has endless products to regain the lost hair strength but you have to
    smartly select the right product. A hoax will destroy the natural hair growth circle. We
    recommend a monthly Olaplex treatment if things have gone worse because it is the only
    natural way out in the market that works intensely at the hair bond restrengthening by
    focusing on the molecular disturbance of the hair which is an integral part of the hair
    growth pattern. First, evenly apply Olaplex 0 on dry hair, let it settle for 10 mins, then
    evenly apply Olaplex3 and leave it overnight. Rinse with a natural shampoo.

    Save them from pollution and harmful UV rays.
    Above all, Staying Fearless and Cheerful is the key to a healthy hair rhythm…

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