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CashlessConsumer - How we can help consumers of payment tech?

Srikanth L
January 24, 2017

CashlessConsumer - How we can help consumers of payment tech?

The consumer is usually at the end of value chain in payments business and many times doesnt have a say in design of these systems. Governments, Regulators pitch in to add some safegaurds usually as an after effect. Development of payment tech rarely has the feedback loop from the actual user (payer). #CashlessConsumer is a consumer awareness initiative to drive awareness, educate consumers about digital / cashless payment systems, voice consumer concerns, share security best practices, make consumers a stakeholder in the design of payment systems, seek better consumer rights in cashless systems.

Srikanth L

January 24, 2017

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  1. CashlessConsumer http://cashlessconsumer.in Srikanth L - @logic UPI & Beyond -

    How (tech) communities can help consumer in cashless world?
  2. Overview • Understanding UPI ◦ What is UPI? Why is

    it special? Significance of BHIM ◦ UPI Deeplinking specifications ◦ Multilingual QRCode Generator ◦ UPI App Comparison Matrix ◦ UPI Platform Bugs
  3. Overview • Understanding UPI • Beyond UPI • CashlessConsumer -

    Why. • Awareness, Tech, Data, Policy - Work ahead
  4. UPI vs other payment modes Payer Banks Cash, Cheques, DD

    • Paper • Fully interoperable • Privacy friendly • Low(?) (Hidden) cost • Settlement - Instant - T+X days Payee
  5. UPI vs other payment modes Banks Transfers, Cards, Wallets, Netbanking

    • Digital, Prop / Non standard interfaces • No interop • Semi privacy friendly • Higher(?) (Hidden) cost • Instant - T+X hours settlement Payer Payee
  6. UPI vs other payment modes Banks UPI PSP API API

    • Digital, Open API standard interfaces, interoperable • Data friendly • Lower monetary (-> 0) cost, High rights (Hidden) cost • Instant - T+ X seconds settlement Payer Payee NPCI
  7. UPI vs other payment modes Payer Banks Banks Cash, Cheques,

    DD UPI PSP API API Banks Netbanking, Cards, Wallets Paper, Privacy friendly, Low(?) (Hidden) cost, Instant - T+X days settlement Digital, Prop / Non standard interfaces, No interop, Semi privacy friendly, Higher (Hidden) cost, Instant - T+X hours settlement Digital, Open API standard interfaces, interop, data friendly, Lower monetary (-> 0) cost, High rights (Hidden) cost, Instant - T+ X seconds settlement Payee Payer Payee Payer Payee NPCI
  8. Understanding UPI • Mobile based centralized platform for payments built

    over IMPS, by NPCI • Open API - Technical specifications - publicly available. ◦ http://www.npci.org.in/documents/Unified-Payment-Interfac e-API-Technology-Specifications-v11.pdf ◦ Only Banks / Partners can build now though. Rest can contribute, participate.
  9. Understanding UPI • UPI != Mobile Banking. UPI Solves interoperable

    mobile payments. • UPI also separates UI from backend, payments from banking. • UPI is privacy friendly with Virtual Payment Address. Really? - UPI BoF
  10. BHIM • Payments sector is now being developed through innovation

    and private participation, just like Highways • UPI is a tolled multi lane highway built for vehicles of every size ◦ Private PSPs, Commercial bank run PSPs
  11. BHIM • BHIM is parallel service road, useful for bicycles.

    ◦ Minimal design in features, UX by choice. ◦ Lower transaction limits ◦ Support over USSD
  12. UPI Deeplinking Specifications • All UPI apps are mandated to

    support intent handling of deep links. • UPI Deep linking specifications - http://www.npci.org.in/documents/UPI-Linking-Specs-ver-1.1_dr aft.pdf
  13. UPI Deeplinking Specifications • Create a Deeplink and make QRCode

    of it → UPI QRCode. var paymentLinkStr = "upi://pay?pa=logic@axisbank&pn=Srikanth&tn=Test&am=500”;
  14. Multilingual QRCode Generator • https://cashlessconsumer.github.io/CashlessConsumer/qrcode. html • Javascript based purely

    local - privacy friendly QR Code generator - Bootstrap, jspdf, jquery-qrcode, html2canvas • Localization using Wikimedia jquery.i18n (2012 JsFoo talk) ◦ Localization is key to scale payments beyond first 100M.
  15. UPI App Comparison Matrix • http://j.mp/UPIApps - Compare UPI Apps

    against wide feature set, not just UX • There are many more differentiators, app comparison dashboards soon. • https://github.com/CashlessConsumer/AppStoreMetadataExtra ctor
  16. UPI App Comparison Matrix • Tech / 3rd party /

    OSS libs as a security indicator. • Imagine if you can measure technical debt of payments apps and choose one. ◦ When all things are same, we can then choose based on IDE developer uses.
  17. UPI Platform Bugs • https://openforge.gov.in/projects/UPI -- Setting up • Interoperable

    QRCode • Maestro user, setting MPIN - 01/49 is expiry date. • Documented UPI Spec violations of apps. Certification underway. • No documented dispute resolution procedures, TAT.
  18. Beyond UPI • Internet Banking - mVISA - AEPS -

    Wallets - Cards • (NEFT - RTGS) - NACH - Systemic Payment Infra which might open up soon • Blockchain, BitCoin • Study Emerging #PayTech trends & Inform consumers • Look out for areas where FOSS can exist in #PayTech.
  19. #CashlessConsumer - Why • Consumer POV in design of payment

    systems. • Consumer protection in cashless world. • Simplifying tech complexities & choices with complete information. ◦ How to chose among 100 different payment systems, apps of varying sizes, features.
  20. #CashlessConsumer - Why • Build / Participate in design of

    systems for a fair cashless consumer experience • Organize and impact policy making to factor consumers • Awareness - Tech - Data - Policy
  21. Awareness • On boarding kits for customers. (Ethical cashless Evangelism

    - Guide) • Merchant kits.Basic security practices, Localized Information portals. • In order to contribute to designs of systems, policy - knowledge is key ◦ Understanding UPI
  22. Awareness/Tech - Study payments tech, Participate • Study payments technology,

    APIs • Study security designs of systems • Decompile payment apps • Give feedback to developers of payments tech (apps, platforms)
  23. ToSDR - ToS Didnt Read • But can you afford

    to that with you money? irrevocably and unconditionally authorizes ABCXYZ Bank to access his Account and the Personal details The User expressly authorizes ABCXYZ Bank to disclose to the service provider or any other third party, all user information in its possession, Simplifying ToSDR of payment apps.
  24. Tech • Opendata toolsets, visualizations • Develop FOSS layers, till

    systems are FOSS. ◦ FOSS brings in security, transparency, accountability. • Community run PSPs? - UPI BoF ◦ Prioritises community values (privacy?) over profit. ◦ Avoid platform, device colonization
  25. Build assisted tech in FOSS • Till the time, systems

    become truly open, indie developer friendly • Payment link, QRCode generators, VPA validators • API Wrappers in your language of choice. • FOSS for shared infra, boilerplates.
  26. Data • Cashless is less about money, more about data

    ◦ Measure data footprints, Data ethics, privacy, customer protection • Generate opendata about cashless systems ◦ Data about apps, payment systems • Seek opendata of payment, financial systems • Dispute resolution, QoS level, uptime performance • Visualize data, help data driven policy making.
  27. Policy • Decode Policy proceedings to consumers ◦ http://watalreport.cashlessconsumer.in/ •

    Aggregate policy discussions, news, views. ◦ http://twitter.com/hashtag/UPINews • Help them participate with feedback • Drive policy, regulations focussed more towards consumer protection.
  28. About Us • Volunteers interested in opensource, opendata, privacy •

    All our work is freely licensed, under FOSS, CC. Join us • Credits : Shriram Bhat, Veeven, Chinmayi, Srikanth, others • Logo Credits : Veeven Licensed under CC BY 4.0 http://cashlessconsumer.in @CashlessConsumr [email protected] http://github.com/CashlessConsumer