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Elixir. There and Back Again

Elixir. There and Back Again

Nikolay Sverchkov

March 06, 2018

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  1. GenServer defmodule EmailSender do use GenServer def handle_cast({:send, email}, state)

    do # send email {:noreply, state} end end # Start the server {:ok, pid} = GenServer.start_link(EmailSender, []) # This is the client GenServer.cast(pid, {:send, “[email protected]"}) #=> :ok
  2. Spring + Bootsnap Trailblazer\Dry(Hanami?) Hanami? ActiveRecord (Rom?) Docker\Capistrano Rspec\Capybara Send

    Email with attachment By Design By Design Umbrella Ecto Mix\Distillery Espec\Hound
  3. Good for: Monolith Microservice Terrible for: Concurrency Key points Good

    for: Microservice Concurrency Terrible for: CMS Admin panel
  4. Why exactly Elixir? • Fast learning • A lot of

    job offers • http://erlangjobs.ru/ • High salary (Ruby < Elixir < Go) https://t.me/proelixir https://wunsh.ru/