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Gathering stats and herding cats

Gathering stats and herding cats

RailsBridge is an international non-profit organisation that provides free Ruby on Rails workshops for women and their friends. In July 2013, after a lot of emails and Skype calls, a handful of Cape Town developers got together and started running regular RailsBridge workshops, creating a fork of the open source documentation and materials.

This talk discusses our journey over the past year and some bits. It covers how we've used agile principles and our strong leaning toward continuous improvement. It'll also cover the techniques we've used for gathering feedback, the changes we've made based on the feedback, and how we're measuring our successes and failures. Improvements and Pull Requests always welcome.

You will get a sticker at the end of the talk.



Steve Barnett

February 05, 2015

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  1. Gathering stats and herding cats Steve Barnett @maxbarners naga.co.za/sugsa

  2. None
  3. Getting more gooder

  4. What we'll cover RailsBridge Gathering Stats Herding Cats

  5. RailsBridge

  6. Free Ruby on Rails workshops for women and their friends

  7. RailsBridge: what happens? Friday: arrive, install Ruby, Rails, Git, Sublime

    Text, sign up for Heroku, food and drinks. Saturday: arrive, coffee and breakfast, go through course, lunch, continue course.
  8. RailsBridge (RSA)

  9. Why RailsBridge?

  10. Agile principles

  11. Individuals and interactions over processes and tools

  12. Working software is the primary measure of progress

  13. Gathering Stats

  14. Google Forms Survey

  15. Retrospective

  16. Pair Learning

  17. Stickies

  18. Nothing

  19. Herding Cats

  20. None
  21. !

  22. Teachers

  23. Docs

  24. Workshop

  25. !

  26. Docs !

  27. Better docs! !

  28. Workshop !

  29. Pics, words !

  30. Venue & admin ! Internet Coffee

  31. Venue jiggling !

  32. Breaks !

  33. Lightning talks !

  34. What now? !

  35. RailsBridgeBridge !?

  36. Join us! :) Next one: Feb 27th and 28th

  37. What we covered RailsBridge Gathering Stats Herding Cats

  38. Thank you Steve Barnett @maxbarners naga.co.za/sugsa