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The WebAIM Million and making our stuff more accessible

The WebAIM Million and making our stuff more accessible

A tiny talk given at the Wellington Open Source Show And Tell meetup, with some highlights (lowlights?) from the WebAIM Million accessibility survey.


Steve Barnett

February 18, 2020


  1. The WebAIM Million and making our web stuff more accessible

  2. Who am I? Steve Barnett FED & UX person Accessibility

    at Totara
  3. WebAIM Million Accessibility analysis Top 1 million home pages

  4. WebAIM Million 98% of pages had WCAG 2.0 failures

  5. WebAIM Million Average of 60 errors per page

  6. Error (% of pages) Empty links (58%) Empty buttons (25%)

  7. Error (% of pages) Missing form labels (52%)

  8. The good news Automatically detectable errors For example:

  9. Avoid errors in the first place Always have text equivalents

    for non-text stuff Always have labels (visible or not)
  10. TL;DR: run deque's axe Thanks!