Take Control of your Filesystems with containerd’s Snapshotters

Take Control of your Filesystems with containerd’s Snapshotters

Containers have had uncanny abilities to build, manage, and distribute changes as part of the container’s filesystems through the use of layers and graphdrivers. A critical part of the magic making people’s experience with containers delightful, this is considered a necessity in any container-based system. The complexity and integration of graphdrivers makes working with them directly cumbersome and error prone.

containerd departs from this and introduces a new abstraction, known as “snapshotters”. Mounting a container’s filesystem, direct manipulation, arbitrary diffing, and native copying, previously a challenge, are all now possible with minimal effort. In this talk, we’ll cover the evolution of Docker’s graphdrivers to containerd snapshotters, demonstrating the wonderful properties of snapshotters in the process.



Stephen Day

May 02, 2018