Cloud Marketing 101

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March 13, 2014

Cloud Marketing 101

You pour blood, sweat and tears into your API, open source and weekend projects - let's make sure they get the attention they deserve! We'll go through real-world examples of tactics developers can do to attract attention to their work. Beyond growth hacking and that first post to Hacker News, we'll look at high-value marketing maneuvers that will drive usage, but won't make you feel like a dirty huckster.

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March 13, 2014


  1. (Cloud) Marketing 101 Claire Hunsaker, @chunsaker VP Marketing & Business

    Development, @goStormpath
  2. This is for you if… • Open Source Project •

    Startup with New Product/Service • Marketing asked you to pitch in • Starting out on your Own!
  3. agenda • Positioning: What They Teach at Stanford Is Wrong

    • Content: Beyond Hacker News • Tools: A Marketer’s IDE • Retargeting: Ten Bucks Well Spent • Resources FTW! Lastly, The Most Important Thing…
  4. Positioning Learn more at

  5. “For (target customer) who (statement of need or opportunity), the

    (product name) is a (product category) that (key benefit/compelling reason to buy). Unlike (primary alternative), our product (differentiation).” - Geoffrey Moore, Crossing the Chasm
  6. “For developers who are stuck building user management… again Stormpath

    is a user management API that is easy to use, secure and scalable, and unlike rolling your own Stormpath isn’t a massive pain in the ass.” - Geoffrey Moore, Crossing the Chasm
  7. “(Target customers) experience pain (type of pain), and we’re so

    much (adjective), they will happily pay us instead of (primary alternative).” Learn more at
  8. “Developers experience pain building, scaling and maintaining user management, and

    we’re so much more easy, secure and scalable, they will happily pay us instead of rolling their own.” Learn more at
  9. Content: Beyond Hacker News Learn more at

  10. Content • Free • High Return on Time • Developers

    Are Great At It • Don’t need to pray to the HN gods Learn more at
  11. Good Content Has A Really Long Tail Learn more at
  12. Mostly from (Free!) organic Search Learn more at

  13. Making a Splash has Broad impact /Proggit Hit 20% Overall

    Traffic Increase Learn more at
  14. But it’s Hard to Engineer Learn more at

  15. free, organic Growth is Not* * …if you write good

    content Learn more at
  16. And The Long Tail Converts Better Learn more at

  17. 5 Hours to Blogging Awesome 1. Read up on writing

    good headlines 2. Build a Keyword list • Technologies, Features, Functions • Refer back to positioning 3. Read up on SEO 4. Set up Twitter, YouTube, and [Insert Here] 5. Brainstorm Five Ideas and Start Writing one of them! Learn more at
  18. Content ideas • New Technologies (however niche) • Something you

    tried and discarded • # Different Options • Don’t need to pray to the HN gods Learn more at
  19. Writing Good Headlines

  20. Twitter Domination • Work your followers • A/B test •

    Followback • Attribute! • Be Bland • Reuse Learn more at
  21. Content you don’t control 1. Comments • Key websites •

    [Insert Relevant Social Network Here] 2. Hacker News 3. Integrations Learn more at
  22. Retargeting: if You only Have $10 Learn more at

  23. Remarketing FTW • Brand • Project

  24. The Marketer’s iDE Learn more at

  25. Tools to Make Friends With • Google Analytics, your BFF

    • AdWords • HootSuite / SocialBro • Optimizely • Bootstrap + Jekyll • A sharing plugin like AddThis • Wine/Beer/Tequila Learn more at
  26. Resources Learn more at

  27. Practitioners: Occam’s Razor - Hiten Shah -

    (SEO All the Things) Blogs: Mailchimp, Kissmetrics, Optimizely blogs Twitter: @stripe, @1Password GrowthHacking: Neil Patel - Andrew Chen - Learn more at
  28. The Most important Thing Learn more at

  29. Listen To Your users! And respond to them. Learn more

  30. Learn more at

  31. Learn more at

  32. Learn more at

  33. Good Positioning + Consistent Execution + Known Tactics Learn more

  34. q & A Learn more at

  35. Get in Touch • Get Support: • Live Chat

    on • Call Stormpath: (888) 391-5282 Claire Hunsaker (650) 539-8051 Learn more at