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AWSピタゴラ(ひとり)選手権 / Let's Play and Learn by Chaining the Launch of AWS Services

November 21, 2021

AWSピタゴラ(ひとり)選手権 / Let's Play and Learn by Chaining the Launch of AWS Services


November 21, 2021

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  1. Shiomi Sumi IT (Business Technology) Administrator at O-KUN AWS Startup

    Community - Core Member AWS Community Builder - M&G + Migration Twitter : @suemin_jp
  2. AWS Startup Community Community of the Startups, by the Startups,

    for the Startups. Startups have the advantage of building on cutting-edge technologies like cloud, mobile, and blockchain as they do not have any legacy systems to support them. However, it is very difficult for startups to hire competent engineers. #AWSStartup AWS AWS AWS Startup Startup Startup Community Community Community CREATE A NEW WORLD WITH AWS
  3. Introduction Before I get into the topic of today's talk,

    "Pythagora Championship: Learning by Playing with Chained AWS Service Launches," I'd like to talk about the event that led me to play with chained AWS service launches.
  4. Help desk and desktop support Networking Security, Audit and Compliance

    Database Programming Strategy and Planning for the business Cloud Computing Account Management IT Administrator job description ... And More
  5. Creating an AWS account Please give me an AWS account.

    Create Email Account Create Member Account Set User Permission Book the Ledger & Move the account Enable GuardDuty
  6. Oh, shit! I typed in the wrong email address and

    issued an account from AWS Organizations!
  7. problem To close a member account, we must sign in

    as the root user of the account that we want to close. If you have created an account with an email address that you cannot receive, it is difficult to close the account. Member accounts issued by AWS Organizations cannot be closed. When you create a new AWS account, AWS does not check that the email address you can receive. We can register an account with an email address that cannot be received.
  8. Automate the Creation of the AWS Account We can automate

    creating an AWS account to reduce the time spent on manual tasks and prevent mistakes. I will also talk about how I learned the fun of automation and fell in love with the appeal of using AWS services.
  9. Start Create Process @aws lambda invoke --function-name myFunction --invocation-type Event

    --payload { “account_name”: “aws-account-test” } --region ap-northeast-1 Purpose
  10. Automate Account Creation create_account( AccountName= account_name, Email= email, IamUserAccessToBilling='ALLOW', RoleName='OrganizationsRole',

    ) payload {"account_name" : " test-account "} account_name = event['account_name'] email = 'aws-' + account_name + '@example.com'
  11. Moves the member account underneath the OU. Automate the issuance

    of email addresses. I want to automate more Enable GuardDuty for the member accounts I created.
  12. Which AWS services can be used to integrate with other

    services? Integrate distributed systems and serverless applications with less code.
  13. Write an Architecture diagram. No implementation is required. Rules :

    Build the most complex machine possible to perform a trivially simple task. 構成図を書きます。実装は必要ありません。 簡単なタスクを実行するために可能な限り複雑な構成を考えるゲームです
  14. What I've Learned about using AWS Services to Automate Through

    this game, I learned how to implement automation using AWS in a fun way. Having fun is very important. If you don't enjoy it, it isn't easy to continue learning. Why don't you have fun learning about AWS!
  15. What I Have Learned Enjoy Learning! There are many services

    in AWS, and integrating them is easy! Automating is Fun! But don't forget the purpose of automation. Enjoyment is the only way to learn more. We need to learn about the features of each service and how to use them.