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Summa News Feb 2014

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April 02, 2014

Summa News Feb 2014

A few of Summa's news stories for 2014.



April 02, 2014


  1. Summa News Latest news from Summa Group 2014 Summa News

    – Feb 2014
  2. 220 kV “Stany” Distribution Station Built A 220kV “Stany” Distribution

    Station has been completed by GlobalElektroServis. The station was built for the Lafarge Cement Plant grid connection currently being constructed in the Ferzikovo, Kaluga Region south of Moscow. Summa News – Feb 2014 The French company LefargeSA worked alongside MES Tsentra (a branch of UES FGC) to construct the distribution station which features 15kms of high voltage 220 kV lines running between Cherepen’ and Shipovo. The station is located on 1.5 hectares of ground and includes a 6-cell 220kV gas-insulated switchgear system. The distribution station is valued at over RUB 800 million.
  3. Komsomolskaya OPS Reconstruction Completed Summa Group company, Stroynovatsiya, has completed

    the reconstruction of the Komsomolskaya oil pumping station in the Republic of Kalmykia in Western Russia. The Caspian Pipeline Consortium (CPC) is expanding the pipeline from 28.2 million tonnes to 35 million tonnes per year and is a part of the first phase of the expansion. Summa News – Feb 2014 No anti-friction additives will be used on the main pumps, filters, pressure wave smoothing systems, temporary sludge, metering equipment and storage receptacles to modernize the equipment at the sites. The second phase of reconstruction will continue throughout the year.
  4. Summa Group Consolidates 100% of Shtandart TT BV The Summa

    Group successfully acquired a 25% stake in the Shtandart TT BV from Dutch company VTTI. VTTI was a shareholder in the oil terminal construction project in the Port of Rotterdam, Holland along side Summa. Summa Group has, as a result, consolidated 100% shares of Shtandart TT B.V. Summa News – Feb 2014 Shtandart TT B.V. Rent 55 hectares of land in Port of Rotterdam where a terminal will be built with a storage capacity of more than 3 million cubic meters. The Summa Group is expecting the last permissions for terminal construction to be finalised and are currently conducting preliminary negotiations with potential contractors.
  5. About Summa Group Summa Group specialises and invests in port

    logistics, engineering, construction, oil and gas sectors as well as telecommunications. Summa Group is a diversified private holding that comprises of more then 10 000 people in 40 regions of Russia and abroad. Mr Ziyavudin Magomedov is the founder and shareholder of the Summa Group which will reach its 10 year anniversary in 2014. Summa News – Feb 2014