Architecture Over Framework: Rethink Your App Structure

Architecture Over Framework: Rethink Your App Structure

With the kind of maturity Rails has gained over the past few years, saying our business logic resides in app/ makes us look like we are from 2009. However, that is also a truth we are bound to, as Rails exhibits a very rigid app structure. Every app has models, views, concerns, mailers etc. However, they don't have to always be in app/views, they could be in src/authentication/templates for what it's worth.

In this talk, we'll take a typical Rails app and completely mess it up by restructuring the content. We'll fragment it in a way that is relevant to the application context. No more app/models and app/controllers and such. What we will get as a result, is a big screaming pile of fail!

But, this is a start of a new red-green-refactor cycle. We will try to make it work by changing one thing at a time, looking at one error at a time. And in the end we'll make it all work, or give up hopelessly, but with a far more understanding of the magic happening under the hood.


Swanand Pagnis

July 19, 2014