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The Well Rounded Engineer

The Well Rounded Engineer

What does it take to do a software engineering job well? Are you interested in deepening your skills but haven’t had the opportunity to lay a solid foundation? It turns out the high-level answer to this is simple, and it is a skill and knowledge-based system balanced on these two load-bearing pillars:

1. Individual technical ability
2. Collaborating and working with others

Take either one away, and it comes crashing down. In this talk, we aim to deconstruct the former: individual technical skill. What is the foundation on which lays the pyramid of skills?

We will take a look at a roster of abilities, and we will talk about one or two concrete steps you can take to make progress in each.

This roster is aimed primarily at software engineers who want to write modern web-based systems.

Swanand Pagnis

February 13, 2019

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  1. Write summaries of things you study Spaced repetition helps you

    get over the I'll- never-use-this-syndrome
  2. The two types are: RDBMS and NoSQL*. Duh. *NoSQL is

    too broad, but again, pick something closer to your preferred stack.
  3. Proficient = - How it works - How to debug

    issues - Design considerations
  4. What does it do? - Takes an opinionated directory structure

    - Compiles / runs your multi-file program
  5. Make a plan One thing at a time Focus hard

    on it Prioritize fundamental, foundational skills
  6. Do not go too far away from current skillset Get

    in the habit of writing things down: notes, reviews, retrospectives.
  7. Write summaries of things you study Spaced repetition will get

    you get over the I'll- never-use-this syndrome