A Library Data Management Platform Based on Linked Open Data

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December 02, 2014

A Library Data Management Platform Based on Linked Open Data

Presenters: Jens Mittelbach / Robert Glaß (SLUB Dresden, Germany / Avantgarde Labs)

The rise of the concept of resource discovery, the increasing multiplicity of information channels and the exploding complexity of the technological infrastructure have placed organizational and financial challenges on libraries. Library data has become more heterogeneous, its sources have grown manifold. Bibliographic and authority data, licence and business data, usage data from library catalogues and the global science community (bibliometric data) as well as open data from the WWW constitute the graph that describes the resources managed by libraries. Consequently, there is an increasing need to integrate, normalize, and enrich existing library data sets as well as assure data quality for production and presentation purposes. The Saxon State and University Library Dresden has chosen a new approach of data integration for libraries and other cultural heritage institutions. In the EFRE-funded project, a scalable cloud-based data management platform called d:swarm has been implemented. Featuring an easy-to-use web-based modelling GUI, d:swarm allows for the integration and interlinkage of heterogeneous data sources into an integrated and flexible property graph data storage. As a middleware layer, it runs on top of existing library software infrastructures. Thus, existing library workflows depending on a variety of software solutions can remain untouched while data integration can be flexibly tailored to the needs of the individual institutions. Using d:swarm, feeding a library’s discovery front-end with high-quality normalized data or disseminating Linked Open Data is much easier. The project is published under an open source licence.



December 02, 2014