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Using linked data to annotate semantically the BBC's content

December 02, 2014

Using linked data to annotate semantically the BBC's content

Presenter: Tom Grahame

Linked Data at the BBC emerged as a set of ideas, techniques and technologies to build websites and has gone on to show how those techniques can improve and simplify production workflows, and provide interesting automated aggregations for our audiences. The success of applying the technology to deliver the online coverage of major sporting events has demonstrated the potential for reusing the semantic infrastructure as a central part of the BBC production workflow. To support this decision, the vision of semantic publishing at the BBC evolved towards connecting content around the things that matter to our audiences - those things can be politicians, athletes or musicians, places or organisations, topics of study or events.

The BBC produces a plethora of content every day about these things and the content varies from news articles, to programmes, to educational guides, clips and recipes. Because it is commissioned and used in different audience facing products, this content is mastered in separate and disconnected systems, yet – the things that the content is about are the same. By semantically describing and annotating the content with the things it is about, we enable journalists and content editors to access heterogeneous and previously isolated creative works in a unified manner.

In this talk I will describe how the BBC Sport's use of Linked Data has evolved from developing a single website covering the 2010 World Cup to supporting the annotation and dynamic aggregation of daily Sports coverage and every major event including London 2012, Sochi 2014 and the 2014 FIFA World Cup. I will also discuss how the same platform and technology approach is being deployed across the BBC in domains as diverse as Education, News, Radio and Music and how a Linked Data approach could be applied to similar challenges in the Library environment.


December 02, 2014

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  1. Using Linked Data to annotate semantically the BBC's content Tom

    Grahame Data Architect, BBC Future Media @tfgrahame
  2. • Developed by BBC R&D • Builds an internal model

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  3. ttp://www.library.manchester.ac.uk/aboutus/projects eSchola r Institutional Repository Project 2007 - Present MISS

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  4. Image credits • All fragments of websites and tools are

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