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Publish your SKOS vocabulary with Skosmos

December 03, 2014

Publish your SKOS vocabulary with Skosmos

Authors: Osma Suominen and Henri Ylikotila (The National Library of Finland, Finland)

Skosmos is an open source web-based SKOS browser being developed at the National Library of Finland. It can be used by e.g. libraries and archives as a publishing platform for controlled vocabularies such as thesauri, lightweight ontologies, classifications and authority files. The Finnish national thesaurus and ontology service Finto is built using Skosmos, which was formerly known as ONKI Light. Finto is used by indexers at the National Library and other libraries, as well as other organizations including the Finnish broadcasting company YLE and many museums. It is also used to support vocabulary development processes. Skosmos provides a multilingual user interface for browsing and searching the data and for visualizing concept hierarchies. The user interface has been developed by analysing the results of repeated usability tests. A developer-friendly REST API is also available providing RDF/XML, Turtle or JSON-LD serializations and Linked Data access for utilizing vocabularies in other applications such as annotation systems. Skosmos relies on a SPARQL endpoint as its back-end and is written mainly in PHP. The main benefits of using a SPARQL endpoint is that the data provided by the service is always up to date. This allows fast update cycles in vocabulary development. Skosmos can be configured to suit different types of RDF data. The source code is available under the MIT license.


December 03, 2014

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  1. How do you put a thesaurus* on the web? *

    or any KOS: classification, authority file, term list, lightweight ontology...
  2. 1. Make a SKOS/RDF file 2. Put it in a

    triple store 3. Set up Pubby* to serve RDF and HTML 4. Maybe allow SPARQL access * or Elda, Loddy...
  3. Skosmos is open source software • Available under MIT License

    • Developed on GitHub https://github.com/NatLibFi/Skosmos
  4. Key features • Multilingual browser interface ◦ Autocomplete search ◦

    Alphabetical index ◦ Concept hierarchy display • REST API for enabling use of vocabularies in other applications ◦ responses usually JSON-LD
  5. Organizations that use Skosmos • The National Library of Finland

    - Finto.fi ◦ Used by museums, libraries, archives, Finnish broadcasting company, etc. ▪ http://finto.fi/ • Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN ◦ Agrovoc browser ▪ http://aims.fao.org/standards/agrovoc/functionalities/search ◦ GACS project (presentation coming up next) • Oslo University Library is testing Skosmos
  6. Requirements • SPARQL 1.1 endpoint ◦ with one or more

    SKOS vocabularies ◦ recommended: Jena Fuseki with jena-text index • server with Apache and PHP See documentation in the Skosmos wiki: https://github.com/NatLibFi/Skosmos/wiki
  7. 1. Make a SKOS/RDF file 2. Put it in a

    SPARQL triple store 3. Set up Skosmos 4. Have users, Linked Data agents and API clients come to your thesaurus 5. ??? 6. Profit!!!